By darla
Jul 10, 2009 - 3:44:07 PM

In Megan Hart’s DEEPER, Bess Walsh returns to the setting of her youth after twenty years.  She spent all of her summers during college working at Sugarland in Bethany Beach.  Her grandparents owned a beach house and let her stay rent-free while she worked and saved for college.  Now, that house has reverted to her and she plans to move in permanently.  The painful past presented by the beach house is now more of a nostalgic ache in light of her current problems.

Bess’ first experience in her new home brings the past crashing back.  During a walk on the beach, she finds herself rolling around in the surf with Nick Hamilton.  He was the older boy that she lost her heart to the summer between her junior and senior years of college.  His sudden reappearance is exciting and scary.  Bess had heard that he died, and Nick doesn’t appear to be any older than the twenty-one-year-old man from her memories.  She struggles with her confusion and desire for the romance that they shared years ago as it comes back to life.


As Bess dives headfirst into a passionate resurgence of that long ago relationship, she continues to search for answers to Nick’s reappearance.  The past keeps flashing back to her and intersperses with the action of the present.  She tries to manage her new love for Nick with the old feelings while introducing him to her two grown sons. 


Megan Hart writes a compelling tale of love and understanding.  She has cleverly interwoven action from the past and present to create DEEPER, the tale of Nick and Bess.  The story is heartbreakingly familiar in its depiction of how teenage romance can shape our lives.  I found myself on the edge of my seat wondering how Bess and Nick would be able to reconcile their stormy past with their uncertain future.  DEEPER speaks to the nostalgic in all of us.  I recommend DEEPER to all who need a good reminder that heartbreak began with love and infatuation, and it can be reviewed in those terms as well.  

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