Defending Hearts - Boys of Fall series, book 2
By Diana S
Mar 16, 2016 - 5:58:15 PM

Alex Murphy is a globe-trotting photographer who is burnt-out and needs a change of scenery. He was one of the players on the championship football team of Stewart Mills High School who went back to help raise money so the football program wouldn't be erased from the curriculum. Now he feels he needs to return to finish what was left undone.

Gretchen Walker is a hometown girl who lives to work on her family's farm. Her grandparents raised her and after her grandfather passed away she tries to keep the farm profitable. Gretchen doesn't have time for dating but when Alex rents a room from them, she realizes she needs to work on her private life.

When Alex moves into the Walker residence, he discovers a vibrant woman who he never paid attention to when he lived here. Gretchen is a strong-willed woman who lives for her farm and family. Alex has never had a place where he wanted to settle down for long so he doesn't understand her way of thinking about belonging to one place. Alex wants to get closer to Gretchen but she doesn't understand anyone who has never had a place to feel cherished and have pride in. Gretchen is a closed book who doesn't trust a man with no sense of home life. Will Gretchen open her mind to Alex's way of life and will Alex come to realize what he is missing by never settling down?

These stories of a small town on the brink of becoming a lost cause brings to mind the number of small towns in the country that just wither and die because of lack of caring.

I give this novel 4 Blue Ribbons on Romance Junkies' website because the plight of small town America is real and sad to see it disappear. People fighting to keep a small town operating is a story worth reading.

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