Defrosting Ms. Blake

Author: Sandy Lynn

Publisher: MojoCastle Press

Release Date:

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5

Format: EBOOK

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Nicole Blake works for Thomas Pharmaceuticals as the manager of a department which processes claims. She's worked hard to maintain the separation between work and her personal life. Her professionalism has earned her the nickname 'Ice Queen.' Her co-workers would be stunned to know that Ms. Blake is not the unfeeling woman they all believe her to be.

Conner Matthews is the head of security at the pharmaceutical company. He needs to update Ms. Blake's computer security system but she refuses to allow him to touch her computer. He's discovered somebody's attempting to break in to her files and since she won't allow him to touch her computer he's working on it at night when she's not there. While matching wits with Ms. Blake, he realizes just how very much he'd love to be the one to defrost the Ice Queen.

Conner and Nicole engage in a battle of wits while at work. Conner seems to delight in antagonizing Nicole at every opportunity. While Nicole has to keep reminding herself that Conner is a 'pretty boy' and he'd only use her to get whatever it is that he wants. Once Nicole goes home for the night, she relaxes and enjoys chatting online with tchnogk527, she met him in an online chat room and has been flirting with him for several months. She'd insisted on not exchanging names so she had no way of knowing that tchnogk527 is really Conner. Things between Conner and Nicole heat up the night of the company celebration. Nicole drank a little more alcohol than she should have and Conner escorted her from the party so that none of their co-workers would become aware of her inebriated state. He hadn't counted on Ms. Blake's becoming playful and her wanting him, since he'd been wanting her they'd ended back at his place. He's starting to realize that Nicole reminds him a lot of his cyber friend, netkttn39.

Sandy Lynn has written an extremely amusing tale with DEFROSTING MS. BLAKE. The characters are so believable and easy to relate to. I loved the squabbling between Conner and Nicole. Some of the comments had me laughing out loud. By Nicole's hard-nosed approach at work, she comes across as not being personable. In reality, she keeps the softer caring side of herself hidden. The collision of these two little worlds she's created creates sparks that can be felt as you read the story. DEFROSTING MS. BLAKE is Sandy Lynn's second published book. Watch for her next books - BENEATH THE SURFACE and TAMING THE WOLF in the near future.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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