The Delia Series - Delia's Crossing

Author: V.C. Andrews

Publisher: Pocket Star Books

Release Date: October 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Delia Yebarra is your average, innocent, fifteen year old girl. Growing up in Mexico, Delia may seem poor to others, but she isn't lacking in love. A terrible car accident snatches Delia's parents away from her and in the same day, her grandmother announces that Delia will be leaving right away to live with her aunt in the United States. Delia doesn't want to go, but she knows it is what her grandmother wants. She packs her belongings and sets off for America, to live with an aunt she has never met.

Delia arrives in a new least it is to her. At first she is treated like a slave and is barely acknowledged by her own aunt. Delia's cousin, Sophia treats her horribly and her cousin, Edward becomes a quick friend. After a bad experience, Edward makes sure Delia is treated more fairly. Once again, fate deals a cruel hand and Delia is forced to go back to Mexico, where she must start all over...if she can.

Delia has so much tragedy in her young life and just when things are looking bright, something bad happens. Delia's intelligence and strong will help her survive... and these are some of the things I admired in her character. To be so young and manage to come out on top, Delia really amazes me. DELIA'S CROSSING definitely exceeded my expectations. I have always been a huge fan of V.C. Andrews, because she writes such realistic stories and her characters are always so relatable. I truly enjoyed DELIA's CROSSING and I am sure her next novel will be just as unique.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: pamelalynne

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