By Tracy Marsac
Feb 1, 2006 - 11:17:00 PM

Cal Buchanan and his three siblings were raised by a cold-hearted woman after their parent's death.  Their grandmother, Gloria, only cared about the family reputation and manipulated and blackmailed the four of them anyway she could for the honor of the Buchanan name and its chain of restaurants.  Reid, Walker, Danielle, and Cal were all shaped differently because of their grandmother's callousness.  For
Cal, he lost something very dear to him and as a result, closed himself off emotionally.  Later, when his wife Penny walked out, he didn't stop her, not knowing what he'd let go until three years after the divorce.  Gloria is twisting his arm to restore The Waterfront and in Cal's opinion, the restaurant needs the best chef and that's Penny Jackson.  Seeing her again and thinking about the past has him wondering if Penny would give him another chance.     

Like any woman scorned, Penny is ecstatic at the thought of Cal begging for her help.  He needs her with a capital n and she wallows in the moment.  It's short lived, however, as Penny discovers with their close contact and work relationship that she still has feelings for him.  She'd like to blame it on hormones and a particularly long dry spell but she's lying to herself.  How does she protect her heart from the man she never stopped loving?


With the name Susan Mallery on the cover, you don't need me to tell you this is a must read but for the very small crowd of doubters, rest assured Mallery only delivers her best in DELICIOUS!  She packs her story with romance, a fast moving plot, character depth, sensuality, and high-powered emotions.  This is more than just a simple story of a divorced couple rediscovering their passion for each other but something much deeper.  Cal and Penny are honest with each other like they weren't during their marriage.  They look back with a fresh perspective and see the misconceptions and lies that were the springboard for their divorce.  Gloria isn't any help then or now as she wreaks havoc for the pure fun she gets out of making those around her miserable.  The whole story is wrapped in the details of the restaurant business that's fascinating to say the least but there's also the drama and dynamics that make up the Buchanan family-the discord, the secrets, the loyalty, and the ever present love the siblings have for each other.  Reid, Walker, or Danielle, it doesn't matter who comes next in this series, just keep them coming Susan! 

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