A Delicious Taboo

Author: Jennifer Cole

Publisher: Loose Id, LLC

Release Date: May 27, 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: E-Book

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Melanie Drake’s is straight and works as a bartender in a gay/bi bar which suits her. She doesn’t have to worry about improper propositions. Her comfort zone is about to take a big hit.

Melanie Drake’s position as bartender in a gay/bi bar suits her. Her life has not been easy and she finds comfort in the camaraderie to be had in such a close-knit setting.


She’s had her eye on a two male couples. Fantasies of an erotic nature fill her head where they’re concerned. Unknown to her, those fantasies are returned – four to one.


Van Dansk and Calen Maxwell decide to spice up their love by bringing a third into their lives. They’re in love with one another, but each has a yearning to include a third – Melanie.


Unknown to the others, Philip Weston and Jake Welland have the same fantasies about Melanie.


Jennifer Cole pushes the ménage envelope to the extreme in DELICIOUS TABOO and has done an excellent job of making a love story out of it that leaves the reader in tears at times.


To think four men could love someone like Melanie after the things she’s been through is unthinkable to her. The men she’s dated in the past were turned off by the physical scars that she carries. To these four men, her physical and emotional baggage provide the impetus they need to prove to her how much she’s needed, loved and wanted. Can they pull it off?


After the physical abuse she’s suffered, she needs to do a lot of soul searching. Can she bare her soul to these men and allow them to love her, heal her? Can she survive if they’re not willing to love her as much as they love one another?


For several reasons, I was somewhat blown away by this story. The love, warmth and compassion Ms. Cole gives each of her characters blend together to make one heck of a story. I applaud her and hope that she writes more of these stories.


As the publisher notes, DELICIOUS TABOO contains some elements that readers may find objectionable. It’s not for anyone under eighteen. If you want a strong story that’s character driven this one is recommended. The ménage scenes highlight the love the four men have for Melanie. Just make sure you have lots of ice water before you begin. You will not want to put it down.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Nickie Langdon

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