Demolishing Mr. Perfect
By Sarah W
Sep 1, 2007 - 11:21:06 AM

Natalie Watson is fed up with being stood up on her dates, with not being treated with common courtesies and respect. She wants a man who wants to court her, laugh with her, and who can live up to the high standards her family has set. Working at a sperm donor clinic, Natalie comes into contact with plenty of men, but none of them are Mr. Perfect. Then, an explosion rocks her love life.

Shane "Crusher" Derby, demolitions expert, was just doing his job when Natalie appeared out of nowhere, yelling at him. He liked her fiery personality and wanted to get to know her better. But all Natalie saw was a blue collar worker, a man far below her standards of perfection. A trip to a psychic, some laughs, and a bit of open-mindedness will all help Natalie see that Mr. Perfect does not necessarily equal Mr. Right, and that Shane may just be her oh-so-imperfect match.


DEMOLISHING MR. PERFECT has humor, sexy drama, and two vibrant personalities at its helm. Despite her initial perceptions of Shane, Natalie was not afraid to really give him a chance and she was rewarded with a fun date with a very sensual man. Shane's open personality, his humorous take on life, and his dedication to his job and family were heartwarming and definitely sexy. They may not have been perfect matches on every level, but their personalities were still complementary enough to give them the chance to fall in love. Shane and Natalie may have had a rough start, but only love and laughter are in their future!

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