Desert Heat
By Cat Cody
Nov 28, 2003 - 5:33:00 PM

Dr. Kate Matthews has just had a particularly nasty trip home from a convention honoring her father.  She didn’t want to go in the first place, but someone had to accept the award for physicist of the year.  With her father home recovering from a stroke, Kate was the logical choice.  Before she leaves, she is accosted by a jealous colleague which puts her in a fighting mood.  As Kate is calling a cab she overhears the best looking man she’s seen in a while talking about being a hardened terrorist.  When she sees his gun she realizes she has to take care of the situation herself.  Punching him in the nose and having airport security cuff him seems like the right thing to do.

Deputy Marshal Rafael Grant has heard of meeting someone and seeing stars, but this is ridiculous.  How did he end up on the ground bleeding all over the place when he just went to the airport to pick up his sister?  His first meeting with Kate wasn’t the most orthodox, but he can’t complain, she is the first woman he’s been interested in since moving to Arizona.


As Kate and Rafe explore their feelings for one another, strange things are afoot at the Matthew’s household.  Kate’s father’s notes and computer are stolen, and Kate receives a ransom note for their return.  Whom can they trust?  It’s a race against time to find the notes or finish the research before someone unethical does it first.


Janice Sims does a phenomenal job pulling the reader into the culture and setting of Arizona.  Her attention to details made me feel like I was actually under a desert sky, and wish I was eating some of the dishes Kate’s mom prepared!  This was my first novel from BET books, and I’m sure it won’t be my last.

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