Desert Heat
By Claudia McRay
May 11, 2004 - 11:30:00 AM

Patience Sinclair plans to spend the summer with the Triple C Rodeo.  She wants to get a better understanding of the role women play in the rodeo and write her PhD dissertation on the American West.  She has a journal written by an ancestor who was a part of the rodeo in the 1800's and hopes to discover if there is any record of her along the route.

Dallas Kingman is the champion on the rodeo circuit.  He's using his earnings to purchase his own ranch and settle in Texas .  While Patience and her family are very close, Dallas' relationship with his father is strained.  His father had hopes of him becoming a vet and following in his footsteps.  Dallas discovered that, even though he has a love of animals, he didn't want to confine his life to just helping the sick and injured ones.  When he joined the rodeo that his uncle owns, the relationship between him and his dad became even more strained.


Patience and Dallas try to make people believe they can't stand one another.  Privately, each would like nothing better than to be in the other's arms.  When a drunken Dallas tells Patience what he wants to do to her, she slaps him and leaves him standing in the middle of a dance floor.

Strange things began to occur within the rodeo.  The strong box is opened and money taken.  There was a mysterious fire that could have wiped everything and everyone out.  Someone takes a shot at Dallas and Prudence one evening.  Dallas has his ideas as to who is causing the problems and Patience believes that it could be Tyler Tyler being a former boyfriend against whom she's had to get a restraining order.


As the summer closes, the tension between Patience and Dallas becomes strained.  There is no way that a sophisticated Boston socialite and a cowboy could be happy together, or is there?

DESERT HEAT is the second in the trilogy of the Sinclair sisters.  For those of you who love cowboys, this is a treat.  Kat Martin's voice definitely shows through this story.  She has wound several unusual and very interesting stories into this one.  She does them with grace and style.  This book grabbed my attention when Patience came speeding onto the rodeo grounds in her hot red convertible and almost ran into Dallas .  What a way to meet the first time!  It only got better.


The first two books in the series are fantastic; I look forward to the third.  This series belongs on the keeper shelf.

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