Desert Knights

Author: Linda Conrad and Loreth Anne White

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: May 24, 2011

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5.0


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Morgan Bell is not only an expert marksman; she is one of the best in the world. For the past ten years, she has not entered a competition. Instead she has used her talent to take out killers and madmen. But in her own mind, she was no better than the killers she destroyed. She no longer wanted to be this person. So her current job will be her last one as a sniper. She was returning to her hometown in Iowa.

Karim Kadir is from a Bedouin tribe, a wandering tribe with no country to call their own. The Kadirs are involved in a war with their ancient enemy, the Taj Kaddar of the Republic of Zabbaran, who hate everything, but especially the Kadirs. The Taj Kaddar has made it their mission to try to wipe all of the Kadirs off of the face of the earth.  Karim’s expertise is in computers, but after losing the brother he has always worshipped, he is trying to follow in his footsteps. Therefore, he has left the computers behind and is doing field work.

Morgan and Karim have trained together for the past three weeks. Though attracted to him, Morgan is not interested in developing a relationship with any man who is adrenalin driven like the men who accompany her on her missions. Karim is accompanying her as her bodyguard on her last mission, which she is doing as a favor for his cousin Tarik to rescue a little Kadir boy who will die if they do not get to him soon. Jumping out of the plane into the desert in Zabbaran, the two are separated from the rest of the team when a sandstorm comes up. Making their way across the desert, they struggle to complete their mission, while keeping their hands off of each other. Although Karim figures they can work out a relationship after the mission, Morgan does not see a future with a man she sees as driven by adrenalin. Can he change her mind?

A delightful read, BODYGUARD SHEIK is a fast-paced and passion-filled addition to the DESERT SONS series, a series that I hated to see end. This well-written story allows readers to almost feel the adrenalin pumping through the veins of her characters, as phenomenal author Linda Conrad brings it to life right before your eyes. This author’s books are definitely on my ‘auto buy’ list. Don’t miss the rest of Ms. Conrad’s amazing DESERT SONS series, featuring more of the hunky Kadir men and the women they love.

SHEIK’S CAPTIVE by Loreth Anne White

Historian Kathleen Flaherty’s sister Jennie has been missing for nine months now. Jennie had taught her Gaelic, the language of their ancestors. With an absentee mother and an alcoholic father, this had been their secret means of communication. Kathleen’s last message from her sister had been a cry for help written in Gaelic on a postcard from Tessalit, a city located miles from the medical conference Jennie was attending. Although Kathleen had contacted the various government and law enforcement agencies no one had been able to locate Jennie. So it is up to Kathleen to find the sister who had raised her. 

Sayeed Ali is actually Rashid al Barrah, an FBI agent under contract to the CIA. He was not used to doing the deeply undercover work that he has been doing for almost three years now. Forced to live in the guise of Sayeed Ali, a dangerous man living in a terrorist camp, he is becoming more focused and numb to the violence. The terrorist group is led by Sheik Bakkar Al Barrah, Rashid’s much hated father, who has not seen his son since he was young and does not recognize him. It is Rashid’s job to prevent the group from spreading a highly contagious disease all over the world and killing thousands.

Showing her sister’s pictures around the town of Tessalit, Kathleen discovered that she had been seen at the Adrar Plateau in the Sahara. This was Kathleen’s last hope. If this sighting did not yield some result, she did not know what she would do. However, by showing the pictures around, Kathleen had come to the attention of Bakkar.

As Kathleen sits in her tent, writing in her journal, her camp is surrounded by men, who kill her guides, set the camp on fire and tried to kill her before Sayeed comes to her rescue. Although his orders were to kill her, he orders the men to stop, telling them she is needed for interrogation. Her kill would have cemented his position with Bakkar, but he cannot allow it. Walking a fine line between his mission and protecting Kathleen, his focus is shifting and he can see a different future than he had before. But can he get them out of the camp safely and complete his mission?

SHEIK’S CAPTIVE is a thrilling romantic suspense that you won’t want to miss. Rashid can empathize with Kathleen’s need to do anything possible to save her sister. He has his own driving need to avenge his mother who was mistreated at the hands of her husband and his brother. I enjoyed this story immensely and look forward to reading more of talented author Loreth Anne White’s work.

Passion and danger abound in the action-packed anthology DESERT KNIGHTS, containing two stories that you will hate to see end. The descriptive exotic locale, sheiks, excitement, danger, sandstorms, passion, clever banter and tender love all come to life in these stories by two exceptional authors. These exciting stories will draw you in, as the characters make their way across a desert filled with the enemy to complete their missions, never knowing which moment may be their last. These stories will have you rapidly turning pages to see what happens next. Do not miss DESERT KNIGHTS!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dottie

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