Desert Passion
By Chloe Lin
Nov 4, 2003 - 5:14:00 PM

Lately in her dreams, Beverly Hills jeweler Rena Winters has been fantasizing about being possessed by the darkly sensuous Sharif Azzam El Yazid. He is the Sultan of Kasama and a relatively new customer. In real life, Rena worries that she is perhaps frigid. After a bad marriage to a callous man, she seeks therapy to deal with her yet untapped sexuality. But while at her sex therapist's office, she is abducted and swept away to Kasama, a Saharan sultanate. She awakens to find that her fantasies are now reality. Sharif strives to teach her every nuance of desire and pleasure in their nightly bedroom "lessons."

April Reid, an alias for Barbara Clark, concocts an enticingly erotic confection for her Amber Quill Press debut. Her short story is undoubtedly steamy, and she successfully creates a tempting and exotic setting reminiscent of HAREM, a 1986 movie with Nancy Travis and Omar Sharif which has similar themes to this book. The only unsatisfying note is the unbalanced dynamics between the characters: Rena is a woman of great complexity, whereas Sharif is a shallow caricature of sheikh hero. Hence, the chemistry between the two leads comes off as superficial. But that flaw does not detract from the red-hot scenes.


NOTE - this title in now available in the print book APRIL'S APHRODISIAC

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