Design of A Lifetime
By Angel
Aug 7, 2006 - 3:45:00 PM

Karina is struggling to get he business off the ground and in the process has neglected to have a personal life.  On the advice of her best friend she thinks a fling is exactly what she needs to get herself back on track.  When she meets Cooper she knows she has found the perfect man and together they have one incredible night, but will one night be enough?

Cooper can’t help but be attracted to Karina.  She hides herself underneath baggy cloths, but he knows there is much more to her when you get past all the layers.  After one night with her, he finds himself thinking of her constantly.  The problem is convincing her that he wants something more serious and that she should take him up on his offer.


DESIGN OF A LIFETIME is an interracial story but the focus is not on race, rather than the actual relationship between Cooper and Karina.  It’s obvious the sparks fly from the moment they meet and the intense encounters afterward just proves that will make an awesome combination.  Love scenes are passionate and detailed with plenty of heat to keep the reader happy.  Kimberly Kaye Terry is a wonderful author who has combined a controversial issue into a terrific love story.  I look forward to seeing what her creative mind will come up with for her next book. 

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