Desire, Oklahoma 3: Creation of Desire

Author: Leah Brooke

Publisher: Siren/Bookstrand

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Boone and Chase Jackson moved to Desire, Oklahoma after a stunning betrayal by a lover.  Since then they’ve vowed to avoid any romantic entanglement and marriage is something they aren’t willing to even consider.  Unfortunately they’re extremely attracted to Rachel and she isn’t a lady you can just trifle with – she’s a forever kind of girl.    

Rachel’s been in love with Boone and Chase since she met them almost two years ago and while they’ve flirted with her, the relationship has never extended past that and she’s convinced they simply aren’t interested in her.  She’s decided to try to forget them and move on with her life but her friends have other ideas. 


Rachel, Boone and Chase’s friends are all tired of the song and dance that’s been going on between the trio.  In the interest of bringing these would be lovers together Law and his brother Zach begin flirting with Rachel which results in Boone and Chase seeing red.  They may not want her for themselves but they dang well don’t want any other man touching her either and seeing Law touching Rachel is more than either of them can take.  Like a caveman Boone drags her out of her chair, tosses her over his shoulder and storms out of the diner with his brother right on his heels sporting the same fierce determined look. 

Rachel’s quite stunned by the men’s sudden interest she can’t help but believe that they’re finally ready to claim her and so she opens her heart and body to them after Boone’s carried her back to her apartment.  However, the following morning the men are extremely subdued and inform her that while they do care about her a great deal and certainly desire her they aren’t looking for a permanent relationship – but they’d love to ‘keep seeing her.’  Needless to say, Rachel is less than pleased and informs both men that she doesn’t want to ever see either of them again.


Afterwards, Boone and Chase seize every opportunity to try to talk with Rachel – all to no avail.  When they learn that their one night together resulted in a pregnancy they have a sudden change of heart and decide that they do want to claim Rachel and the baby she now carries.  The only problem is that Rachel isn’t falling into their arms, or bed, in gratitude.  She’s not about to spend her life with men who only want her because of the baby – now it’s up to them to prove that they love her – before the baby’s birth.


I’ve eagerly anticipated each and every story in the DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series since I picked up the first story.  Leah Brooke has brought this unique town and it’s utterly loveable residents to life and the characters now feel like friends that I hope to have the opportunity to visit them over in future stories.   There’s so much tension between Boone, Chase and Rachel that I desperately wanted them to achieve their happily ever after even though there were times when it didn’t look like they would ever get on the same wavelength.  CREATION OF DESIRE is full of sexual tension, lots of laughter, great friends and plenty of heartwarming scenes that is exactly what I’ve come to expect from Ms. Brooke’s storylines.


I have to tell you, Rachel’s sisters appearance Erin in Desire had me chuckling because you just know she isn’t going to take any grief off anyone.  She raised Rachel after their parents death and the idea that any man or men would have the audacity to consider himself her protector – until another man ‘claims the honor’ doesn’t sit well so I’m dying to find out how the men who claim her deal with her independent nature.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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