Desire, Oklahoma, Book 5 – Dark Desire
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 14, 2011 - 6:33:42 PM

Hope Sanderson has had a huge crush on the town sheriff Ace Tyler for as long as she can remember.  She’s well aware that his dominating personality transcends into the bedroom and that’s exactly what she wants and needs.  The only trouble is Ace insists she’s still a little girl and his desires are far too dark and demanding for her.  He refuses to touch her which means Hope is going to have to pull out all the stops and do everything imaginable in a bid to make it impossible for him to continue to ignore her.

Ace Tyler is the sheriff of Desire, Oklahoma and as such he takes the recent string of attacks on the women of the town personally.  This sort of thing shouldn’t be happening especially since the town’s men are so protective of the women in their midst.  The last thing Ace needs right now are Hope’s not so subtle bids to garner his attention.  He can’t deny his attraction to her but she’s way too happy and lighthearted to be able to handle is dark, demanding desires. 


It’s obvious that Hope has no intention of giving up on Ace and it’s driving him crazy to not take her up on everything she’s offering but he’s afraid his needs will destroy the spirited nature that he so admires about her.  When all of her flirting and teasing finally push Ace past his breaking point he agrees to show her exactly what he needs and expects from the woman he claims for himself.  Of course, it’s all in a bid to make her understand just how wrong they are for each other – only his plan isn’t exactly turning out the way he expected.  Instead of the expected results, Hope seems to be more captivated with him than ever before and there’s not a single sign of horror at any of the things he’s done or asked of her.  To make matters worse, his DARK DESIRE for Hope isn’t fading and that terrifies him. 


Ace is convinced that what Hope needs is to be treated gently and the lovemaking to be toned down but his sudden change of personality only leaves her confused and wanting.  It might just take a bold move on her part to get him to see that she wants all of him and expects him to hold nothing back if a relationship between them is going to work.  Fortunately, Hope thinks nothing of being bold and daring and Ace isn’t going to know what hit him when his sweet bubbly little woman dares him to prove he can satisfy all her naughtier desires.


DARK DESIRES is the fifth book in Leah Brooke’s DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series.  I have to admit to a fondness for the sheriff that I’ve carried through the first four books so was thrilled that he finally got his own story and love that Hope doesn’t back down from his daunting demeanor.  Ace obviously has issues with his dominating nature and for some reason can’t seem to understand that just because he likes things a little rough in the lovemaking department doesn’t make him a bad person and certainly doesn’t exclude him from a right to be loved.  Leah Brooke does an excellent job portraying this couple as two sides of the same coin.  Meaning that while Ace is dark and daunting, Hope is fun and ‘bubbly’ – and they balance each other out. 


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