Desire, Oklahoma 1 – Desire for Three
By Chrissy Dionne
Oct 4, 2008 - 4:11:26 PM

Jessica ‘Jesse’ Tyler stayed married to her dead-beat con-artist husband Brian until their son left for college.  Just shy of her fortieth birthday she learned to support herself and take care of all her own needs – from changing a tire to providing the income needed for survival.  Now that they’re divorced she has a new lease on life and owns a thriving business with her friend Kelly. Jesse’s older sister nagged her into coming for a visit but if Jesse thought this was going to be an ordinary ‘girl time visit’ she is dead wrong.  Desire, Oklahoma is far more unique then most people realize and she’s about to discover that there are men in this world who still believe in protecting and loving their women in every way imaginable.

Clay and Rio Erickson grew up in an unusual family and want the same sort of life for themselves.  Both men have been married before and know that the ‘traditional’ one woman/one man lifestyle isn’t for them.  They haven’t met the woman yet whom they want to share – forever.  That is until they set their eyes on Jesse.  She appears to be ‘cold’ but Clay and Rio can’t help but be drawn to her – especially when they learn that she’s attracted to them too but afraid that she’s frigid and getting involved with them would only lead to heartache.
At her sister’s request Jesse agrees to give Clay and Rio a chance but she’s stunned when her sister ‘gives’ her to them during the time she’s to be in Desire.  It’s a quirk in Desire that all women are under the protection and answerable to the men.  In turn the men respect and protect all women from dangerous situations.  Jesse finds herself quickly falling for Clay and Rio.  Despite her fears Jesse makes the decision to move her business to Desire and that includes relocating her good friend and co-owner Kelly.  Since she doesn’t want Clay and Rio feel obligated to stay with her just because she’s made the decision to move there.  She certainly doesn’t intend to ever put herself in a position where she’s dependent on them for
Just when everything seems perfect her worst fear is realized.  Clay and Rio reject her – they even tell her not to call if she’s in trouble because she’s no longer under their protection.  They overheard a phone call and jumped to the wrong conclusion and because of that they’ve hurt her in a way that they may never be able to rectify.

DESIRE FOR THREE is the first book in Leigh Brooks’ DESIRE, OKLAHOMA series.  A series involving a small town in Oklahoma founded entirely by people who had a ‘desire’ to live their lives as they choose without being judged by others in the community.  I have to admit, I love this idea.  As I read this book I couldn’t help but feel a little envious.  The men’s adoration of the women in their lives and the protectiveness of every woman in the community really endeared this story to me.  There’s simply a sense of happiness in just being ‘you’ that really captured my attention. Jesse, Clay and Rio are a wonderful trio who all deserve a happily-ever-after and kept me enthralled in each and every page of this storyline.
I’ll now be eagerly awaiting the next story in this series – BLADE’S DESIRE, which is Kelly and of course, Blade’s story.  She was abused in her former relationship and Blade, a Dom, has his eyes set on her.  From the sparks flying between these two in this story it should really be interesting to learn how they come together.

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