Desiree Does Deliver
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2006 - 5:01:00 PM

Desiree has spent years preparing and dreaming of a career as a classical ballerina. There isn't much demand for short, full-figured ballet dancers and that's a huge problem for Desiree, who's out of money and has very few options left. Dancing burlesque isn't so bad, or it wouldn't be if she didn't perform so badly.

Clint owns Bernie's Burlesque which he inherited from his uncle. He's been infatuated with Desiree since the very first time he saw her crying on the street. Clint's original intent when he hired her was seduction. Imagine his shock when he learns that Desiree believes that he is gay.

Faced with the option of dancing burlesque or return home to her parents and settle into marriage with her father's protage, Gary, Desiree has chosen to follow her dreams of dancing, even if it isn't ballet. That's she's uncomfortable with this form of dance is obvious to anyone that watches her. Clint has made it his mission to not only seduce her but to help her loosen up enough to dance better - to entice the audience. After watching Desiree race from the stage once again, Clint visits her in the changing room. She's naked and he fully expected her to be horrified to be seen in the altogether, especially with the way she reacts on stage. Her explanation is that she's overheard Richard, the manager of Bernie's, talking with Clint and using terms normally only lovers would use. She believes that Richard and Clint are lovers and because he's gay, Clint would have no interest in her body. Clint is stunned that she thinks he's gay, but he's not above using her impression of him to gain the opportunity to seduce her without her realizing that she's being seduced.

Lil Gibson's DESIREE DOES DELIVER is a charmingly fun story of a woman whose dreams come true but not in the way she'd expect. I loved the banter between Clint and Richard. Clint is worried about the needs of the employees and Richard is worried about the bottom line and fears that allowing Desiree's poor stage presence is going to destroy Bernie's profits. Ms. Gibson puts an appealingly humanistic spin on what is considered a sleazy profession. Desiree is so innocent in her fears and then eventually her enjoyment in being able to entice through her dance that the reader will love viewing life through her eyes.

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