Desires: Desire Under the Falls & Desire in the Snow

Author: Christy Poff

Publisher: Whiskey Creek Press Torrid

Release Date: January 2008

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Samantha 'Sam' Reece and Thorne Marshall are a loving couple but Sam has one desire that they haven't tried yet - a menage a trois.   Thorne's never been able to deny her anything she wants and this is no exception.    He even trusts her to pick the right person - someone as sexually spirited as them.   For this magazine power couple, time is of the essence and after meeting Penelope they know she possesses all the qualities they desire in a sexual partner as well a model and photographer.

Former model turned photographer Penelope 'Pen' Donatello was extremely hurt when her full figure resulted in the loss of not just her modeling career but her leech of a lover as well.   It's been five years since she last stepped in front of a camera but after a chance meeting with Samantha it looks like she may have the opportunity to once again grace the magazines.


While dining in one of her and Thorne’s favorite restaurants Sam notices Pen and decides that she's exactly the sort of woman she wants to bring into her relationship with Thorne.   After seeing the photographs that Pen has spread out before her she knows that her 'target' is perfect - if only she'll say 'yes'.   Rather than scare Pen off with an indecent proposal, Sam presents her with an opportunity for a job behind and in front of the camera and requests that she bring her portfolios for a meeting later that evening at Thorne and Sam’s place.


After arriving at Thorne and Sam’s home Pen’s surprised to discover that she feels an immediate attraction to both Thorne and Sam.   She quickly learns that Thorne and Sam are offering more than a simple job - they want to love her and be loved in return.   Pen’s more than capable of loving them both.   Unfortunately Pen’s unaware of certain circumstances that make loving the dynamic couple all the more special and memorable.


This story held me captivated from beginning to end.   There’s something so enchanting about Thorne and Sam’s relationship that I just couldn’t help but love them.   Once they bring Pen into the mix then I felt like they were truly complete.   What I hadn’t anticipated was the twist near the end   which truly brings the story into a whole new light and gives the reader a sense of wonder at the true significance behind Sam’s desire.




Former adult film actress turned restaurant/sex club entrepreneur   Layla Wells doesn’t do long term relationships.   As a Dominant she’s able to pick and chose from any number of willing submissives.   So why does she feel like something’s missing?


Cash Holden and Nash ‘Mac’ McCormack are best friends, secret   lovers and co-owners of the C & H Inn.   Neither man is gay but they have a unique relationship that they’ve enjoyed while they’ve waited for the right woman to come along.   They just hadn’t anticipated the star of their favorite flicks to be staying with them after having car trouble or the emotional attachment that would develop amongst the three of them.


Mac has had a monumental crush on Layla for years so learning that she’s at the inn is extremely exciting but also scary.   It means his life with Cash will be changing but he is already aware that his time with Cash is limited - Cash has been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor.   Cash has devoted his life to two things - the inn and finding someone to share Mac’s life.   Could Layla possibly be ‘the one’ and if so can she possibly accept the changes her life will take if she accepts what these two men have to offer?   With a snowstorm moving in and her vehicle out of commission it looks like she’ll have the opportunity to explore her feelings for the two hunks.


This story is emotionally charged right from the first page.   Readers get great insight into each of the character’s heartaches and feelings so that you really want to hug them and keep them all safe.   I loved the intensity of the relationship amongst this trio and even admired Layla’s decision to go with her gut reaction and accept Mac and Cash for the wonderful men and Dominants that they are - even though it puts her heart at risk.


I've been a longtime fan of Christy Poff's writing but with this latest release she far surpassed even my expectations.   Each of these tales is told with all the passion, memorable characters and emotions that I've come to admire in Ms. Poff's storylines but I literally had to put this book down and go in search of a tissue - not once, but twice!   These are powerful stories which will touch a place in your heart and maybe even give a little insight into the beauty of loving unconditionally.


If you’ve never read a Christy Poff book then you’re missing out and I highly recommend you pick up a copy of DESIRES and experience the pulse pounding intensity that’s made Ms. Poff an author you’ll want to add to your auto-buy list.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Chrissy Dionne

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