Desperate Pastors' Wives: Secrets from Lulu's Cafe', Book 1

Author: Ginger Kolbaba & Christy Scannell

Publisher: Howard Books

Release Date: March 1, 2007

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: PRINT

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Jennifer Shores is desperate to have a baby, but it just doesn't seem like that's ever going to happen.  Her husband, Sam, refuses to get tested to see if it has anything to do with him as to why she can't conceive.  As Jennifer sees other women having babies, some of whom don't even want them, she finds her faith in God challenged.  Jennifer then becomes desperate for faith.

Felicia Lopez-Morrison is a lawyer whose husband Dave thinks she should be a stay-at-home mom to their son, who has been kicked out of daycare for biting other children.  Can she really be content as a homemaker when she loves the job she does?  Felicia is desperate for fulfillment.


Lisa Barton is feeling lonely and starved for love from her husband, Joel.  He seems to have time for everyone but her, so she has decided to throw in the towel if things don't change real soon.  Can she find a way to catch her husband's eye and save her marriage?  Lisa is desperate for love. 


Mimi Plaisance has always strived to be the best at everything.  But when she loses the PTA election, her world begins to fall apart as she realizes she simply can't do it all herself--and no one had ever really expected her to either.  Perfectionist extraordinaire and totally over-committed, Mimi is desperate for peace.


These four women, all pastors' wives but from four different denominations, all live in tiny Red River, Ohio.  They each drive 40 miles to Lulu's Cafe' once a month to meet and support each other.  After all, who else understands what a pastor's wife deals with other than another pastor's wife?  Having to vie for her husband's attention from parishioners, not to mention living in a fishbowl under constant scrutiny with people just waiting for her to make a mistake, and all the expectations people have of her and her family, is enough to make any woman collapse under the pressure.  As they help each other deal with their individual insecurities, they find how to turn to God and others for the things they each so desperately seek.


DESPERATE PASTORS' WIVES is a book for women everywhere just trying to make it through life one day at a time, whether they are pastors' wives or not.  Ginger Kolbaba and Christy Scannell give an insightful look into four very different pastors' wives' lives in this book and help readers gain a bit more understanding of what they really go through.  Faith, family, and friendship are all part of these women's worlds, with a dose of desperation to keep readers wondering how it will all play out in the end.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sherri Myers

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