Desperate Seduction
By Angel
Jul 5, 2007 - 5:13:47 AM

Claire has been told that she is going through early menopause and will soon be unable to have children.   Claire knows that time is running out for her and figures the sooner she gets pregnant the better off she will be.   Her one chance lies with her best friend Blake.   Claire must convince him to help her conceive a child, but first she must prove to him that she can be the perfect submissive.   Will Claire give in to Blake and prove she is his perfect match?

Blake has been friends with Claire for a long time and has never thought to have a sensual relationship with her because she’s too timid.   Not to mention the fact she’s also a virgin and inexperienced.   Blake has strong dominant tendencies and when Claire approaches him with her problem he figures he’s game to help her, but only if she proves that she can take the heat.   Now it’s a battle of wills and Blake is interested to see if Claire can keep up with him in the bedroom as well as out.


DESPERATE SEDUCTION finds the perfect way to incorporate a sensitive subject with plenty of romantic adventure.   Claire is a wonderful woman who will do anything to have a baby before her chance is gone.   You feel her desperation and intense need to have a child.   Blake is the ultimate alpha male and wants things done his way.   His feelings for Claire are strong, but he wants to make sure that she can handle a man like him before he gives in to his needs.   The love scenes are intense and full of dominant passion that will have readers running for the ice.   Alyssa Brooks has written a tale that will stick with readers long after it’s done.  

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