Desperately Seeking Fireman
By Dottie
Jan 7, 2014 - 8:00:00 AM

Nita Moreno, press secretary for Senator Stryker, first meets Jeb Stone at her best friend Melissa’s wedding. Nita had been with financier Bradford, who was a part of the senator’s team. Although she believed they would one day marry, she could not deny her attraction to Jeb. She had noticed him watching her at the wedding and even spoke to him briefly before she discovered that he was already married. Three years later, however, financier Bradford is part of her past. The senator is now in the midst of a scandal when Nita finds him a hideaway on the island of Santa Lucius. Not trusting any other reporter, the senator has agreed to speak with Melissa. So Nita has arranged to have Melissa visit the island, although she is unaware that Melissa is now eight months pregnant.

Jeb Stone, the captain of Shift C at the San Gabriel Fire Station, was attracted to Nita at Melissa and his boss, Brody’s, wedding. Just that morning, his wife had told him she wanted an open marriage and he had been tempted when he saw Nita, but, other than a few flirtatious remarks, he had not acted on it. Marriage meant more to him than that. He believed in the commitment of marriage and besides, he would not do that to his daughter, Alison. But once Alison turned eighteen, his wife divorced him for someone else. His daughter has been encouraging him to find someone else and get on with his life. Now, three years later, on vacation, Brody calls him with a favor. He is concerned about Melissa and his unborn child and wants Jeb to go to Santa Lucius and keep an eye on her. Although he knows Melissa will have a fit, he agrees to do it.

Arriving on the island, Jeb comes face-to-face with Nita and a furious Melissa, who knows that her husband sent him to look after her. But when Jeb comes to her rescue, Melissa forgives him. After being burned in the past, Jeb and Nita are not looking for a committed relationship, but this does not stop them from exploring the chemistry that sparks between them. However, as they spend time together, their feelings for each other grow. Will their relationship survive once they are off the island? During their previous ruined relationships, both set up barriers around their hearts to avoid further heartache, not letting others in. Will they find healing and love enough to break down the walls they have erected?

A heartwarming novella, DESPERATELY SEEKING FIREMAN, the latest novella in gifted author Jennifer Bernard’s BACHELOR FIREMEN OF SAN GABRIEL series, is a delightfully witty, sexy contemporary romance that will brighten up an afternoon. Ms. Bernard’s talented storytelling brings the characters to life and draws the reader right into the story. By the time you are midway into the story, it almost feels as if these are people you know.

Brimming with humor, passion, an island vacation, pregnancy, divorce, romance, love and new beginnings, this story is memorable! The only problem I have with this delightful series is waiting for the next book. The next release, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FIREMAN, is due to release in February 2014. Meanwhile, if you have not experienced any of Ms. Bernard’s novels, this novella is an excellent start!

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