Desperately Seeking Susie
By Suzie Housley
Aug 16, 2010 - 3:50:03 PM

Susie Levine had given up trying to please her over controlling father; instead she lives her life to the fullest.  She believes in showing off her perfect size two figure in her Jimmy Choo shoes and spending her nights at her favorite bar, the Candy Bar. 

On the surface Susie’s life is one you can only dream about, but buried deep inside is still the childhood scars she tries to hide.  Susie’s life was a far different one than the one she lived as a child.  At birth, she was born with a disfigurement.  She was fortunate her father was a plastic surgeon and was able to repair the damage.


Susie is about to take the journey of a lifetime to Florence, Italy to study painting.  There is just one thing preventing her from going and that is a sexy injured firefighter Brett Hamilton.  Susie has always had a childhood crush on Brett.  Her heart goes out to Brett as she sees him struggling with the scars an explosion left on his body. 


Will Susie throw her dreams of going to Italy away in order to stay with Brett and show him the love she has always harbored?  Will Brett accept Susie’s offer of comfort and love, or does he see himself unworthy of someone as beautiful as Susie?

Patrice Wilton’s DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSIE is one moving book.  It is amazing to see Susie transform from a selfish person to one that grows into a caring and compassionate person.  Those seeking a wonderful tragedy to triumph romance will not be disappointed with DESPERATELY SEEKING SUSIE.

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