Destiny, Book 4 - Holly Lane
By Dottie
Nov 8, 2011 - 7:18:04 PM

Sue Anne Simpkins had been devastated when Jeff, her husband of many years left her for another woman. But when he left, he not only hurt her, but also their young daughter, Sophie. Sue Anne had dated her husband all though high school. They had seemed like the perfect couple, and she had never thought he would cheat on her. Their divorce left her with trust issues and she knew everyone in their small town was watching as her husband paraded his new love all over town, even though they no longer lived in town. She and Sophie remained in the Victorian house that she and Jeff had purchased and decorated together. Sue Anne only had a part time job in a real estate office. Fortunately, she was receiving some alimony to help her make ends meet. Needing to get a handle on her feelings, she took a vacation off by herself during the Thanksgiving weekend and went to Bear Lake.

Adam Becker, a landscaper, was Jeff’s best friend. He had grown up with Jeff and Sue Ellen and was used to her being around as his best friend’s girl. He was also Sophie’s godfather. Adam had gone through a divorce himself three years ago. He and his ex-wife Sheila were sharing custody of their twin boys, Jacob and Joseph. But this year, the boys’ grandparents were taking them away for the whole month of December on a skiing trip. Not having his boys around left him in a grouchy mood, although that was unusual for him. He was known as being the good guy, but then he kept his private life to himself. For several years now, he and his boys had gone to Bear Lake for Thanksgiving weekend. He had a standing reservation for one of the cabins there. He had not planned to go this year, but with the mood he was in and the boys having just left for their vacation, he needed to get away.

Arriving at the store in the resort, she is surprised when a reindeer head starts flirting with her. But it also boosts her ego. Checking into her room, she changes into her pajamas and settles down with a glass of wine. Just as it starts getting dark, she hears someone jiggling the door and is shocked to discover it is her husband’s best friend, Adam. Bewildered by his bad mood, she cannot help noticing how handsome he looks. In turn, the sight of her in the skimpy pajamas makes him see her in a completely different light. If only she knew that he had been the man behind the reindeer head. Although this cabin is the one he reserves every year for Thanksgiving weekend, the new desk clerk had unfortunately not known that. With a shortage of cabins and an excessive amount of snow, the two are forced to share the cabin, where a combination of drinks, conversation and attraction lands them in bed together. They spend a sensational night together in one of the bunk beds, exchanging confidences in the late, snowy night.

The next morning Sue Ann goes home, but she cannot get over her attraction to Adam, who is also struggling with the feelings he has for his best friend’s ex-wife. She had suggested that they put it down to a one-time thing, but Adam is soon sorry he had gone along with that. He wants more with Sue Ann and knows they could have something special together. But she is not ready to trust him. Can he get her to give him a chance to prove to her that she can trust him? Could there have been a reason that they showed up in the same cabin that one weekend?

A delicious read, HOLLY LANE, the fourth novel in gifted author Toni Blake’s DESTINY series, is a passionate and touching contemporary romance that definitely leaves the reader in a holiday mood. Sue Ann and Adam felt strange being intimate at first due to the fact that they had known each other all of their lives but had never looked at each other romantically before. But that soon changes as they fall in love, despite the issues keeping them apart. Injecting humor into the story, Adam finds himself in costume several times during the story. I loved all of those scenes, especially the one where he is the reindeer head and Sue Ann doesn’t realize it. Talented author Toni Blake reaches for the heart and touches it with this delightful holiday story. Fans of this series are given a chance to revisit the characters of previous DESTINY novels, especially Mick and Jenny of ONE RECKLESS SUMMER.  Combining humor, passion, engaging character, an entertaining plot, sizzling scenes, witty repartee, snow, Santa, reindeer and true love, makes this fresh, exciting story unforgettable. HOLLY LANE has made me a fan of Ms. Blake’s works. Do not miss this delightful story!

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