By Tracy Marsac
Jun 29, 2005 - 5:08:00 PM

At thirty-seven, Steve Mitchell's marriage came crashing down when he found his wife in bed with another man.  Along with all the material items she could get her greedy hands on, his wife left Steve with nothing but his battered pride and self respect.  Steve takes what little he has left and hits the road, hoping his journey can restore some order to his life.  He stops at a diner to get out of the miserable rain and meets a bedraggled woman, Lissa Henderson.  He feels like he'
s won the jackpot when she tells him she' s ready to walk on the wild side of sex and he's the perfect candidate to be her partner.

Melissa's road trip didn't have the same traumatic beginnings as Steve but nonetheless she' s got things to work out in her mind as well.  She wants a life very different from the one she's been pushed into living and craves the unexpected and exciting after years of monotony.  So Melissa says goodbye to staid and proper and hello to Lissa, the new and adventurous woman inside her.  After breaking down in less than hospitable weather, she meets Steve and instinctively knows the handsome stranger is going to be her first wild lover.  She' s proven right when Steve rises to the challenge and pushes her to her limits and beyond, finally freeing her sexually.  However, Lissa's heart interferes with her temporary affair and she yearns for the best of both worlds.  Can she go back to reality and still keep indulging in her every fantasy with Steve?


Steve and Lissa spend time getting to know each others wants and desires and slowly realize that out of bed they're just as compatible.  And while they're willing to push the envelope, it becomes apparent at an adult party that they only have eyes for each other.  Steve finds the confidence that his ex-wife took from him in Lissa' s uninhibited responses to his love making. Steve doesn' t want to part ways when Lissa's car gets fixed but the decision isn't up to him.  Lissa must realize that she can happily combine both her professional and wild self instead of having to pick just one.  Kelly and Carpenter's DETOUR is a fantastic story of two people who are made for each other!

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