By Sherri Myers
Apr 1, 2005 - 3:41:00 PM

When Celia Hernadez, a friend who rented her guest cottage, asked to borrow her car one icy morning, Callie O'Brian agreed to it, never suspecting it would lead to her friend's death. With no immediate family to be found, Callie is asked to care for Celia's four-year-old son, Keeshan. The only problem is Callie doesn't like kids and especially enjoys her freedom. Callie is a single, independent, white woman who runs her own coffee shop and an upholstery business. Dealing with a demanding four-year-old's physical and emotional needs is something Callie isn't sure she has the skills or strength to do, but takes custody of Keeshan to save him more emotional upheaval after the loss of his mother. As Callie cares for Keeshan daily, she begins to love him and decides to seek permanent custody.

Marcus Jefferson is a black man running from drug dealers who wish to see him dead after he turned his brother, Peter, in for selling drugs, bringing down a large part of their drug ring. After speaking to Peter in prison, Marcus finds out Celia, who was married to Peter and also hid when the drug ring went down, has died, leaving his nephew an orphan. Feeling guilty for not protecting her and thinking only of himself, Marcus decides to track down Keeshan and legally adopt him. What happens when two people both vie for custody of one little boy, each with good reasons why they should be the one to adopt him? Can there be a happy ending to this story, one which makes everyone satisfied and content?

Bette Nordberg has written a touching and very compelling novel about two very different people whose lives converge in DETOURS. Still suffering from a love-gone-wrong, Callie is distrustful of men in general, and when Marcus shows up trying to take away something she loves, she is determined not to let it happen. Marcus is struggling with being black in a white man's world and with his past regrets. DETOURS rises above racial stereotypes and shows that love can come to any person, no matter their skin color. Sometimes when we think we have life figured out, it does indeed take a detour and shows us our true need for something greater than ourselves. I look forward to reading more of this inspiring author's writing in the future.

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