Devil Falls
By noelle
May 1, 2009 - 9:51:00 AM

What happens when a recluse and the woman determined to tell his story clash? Old wounds will be re-opened, secrets will be exposed, and maybe, just maybe, a troubled soul will be given peace.

Victoria is a struggling author who has been given the assignment of a lifetime. All she has to do is get a stubborn man to tell her his secrets. No big deal, right? However, when she finds him, first she has to get past the gates, then the Dobermans, so this might be harder then she thought.


Damien was a world-renowned cellist, who disappeared from the public eye after a tragic accident. Racked with blame over the death of his lover, and hiding a secret that no one can know, he retreated to a mansion on a tropical island. There he existed, in solitude, for over a year. When Victoria shows up, Damien is determined to make her leave him in peace.


Victoria and Damien spar back and forth, each determined to get their own way. Damien uses excessive rudeness to try to drive Victoria away, but in the process, realizes that he has fallen in love with her. Victoria is determined to get her story, but realizes that there is so much more to Damien then what meets the eye.


An entertaining cast of secondary characters, an inspiring story of personal growth, several surprising revelations, and an ending that will bring tears to your eyes round out this excellent story of perserverence, second chances, and a love that can conquer anything.


DEVIL FALLS is a very good story, with an excellent use of imagery. You can almost see the mansion Damien is hiding in, and it almost has a gothic feel to it. The interactions between Damien and Victoria make it difficult to like him at first, because he really is a total jerk to her, but by the end of the story, I was almost falling in love with him myself. The romantic scenes in this book were all well written, and well placed. All in all, DEVIL FALLS was a good story, with an excellent ending.

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