The Devil Inside
By Contessa
Apr 1, 2009 - 8:55:55 AM

It had been thirteen years since Samantha Quincannon last set foot inside a rodeo ring.She just couldn’t return to a place where her father was killed in a horrific bull riding accident. But, in order to advance in her career as an EMT, her boss demanded that she work the rodeo.  And wouldn’t you know it, on Sam’s first time back at the rodeo, a bad accident occurred nearly killing Cody Shaw, her teenage crush.

Being a top notch bull rider was in Cody Shaw’s blood, and he would forever be in the rodeo. Cody knew there would be a few bumps and bruises that came with the territory.  However, his latest incident landed him in the hospital with a concussion, a badly injured body and a very angry Sam Quincannon whom, he hadn’t seen since her father’s rodeo death thirteen years ago.

Instead of a happy reunion, all Sam could do was criticize the particular bull that Cody had ridden. For some unknown reason to Cody, Sam believed that some illegal action was taking place in the rodeo ring, and she was determined to prove it. Yet, all Cody could think about was satisfying the strong sexual tension between them. Will Cody be able to convince Sam to forget all about that rodeo nonsense by turning her focus to their relationship? Or, was Sam really on to something?

THE DEVIL INSIDE was an intriguing story that quickly captured my eye and held me tightly until the very end.  Along with the super hot romance between Sam and Cody, there was just enough mystery in the plot to keep things fascinating and flowing at a swift pace. As you can imagine, Sam and Cody butted heads over the rodeo industry. It was easy to see and understand both points of view and the reasoning as to why each felt the way they did. Yet, when it came to the matters of the heart, love had an upper hand. Overall, THE DEVIL INSIDE was a sweet romance that I took great pleasure in reading.

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