Diablo Blanco Club: Unfair Advantage

Author: Qwillia Rain

Publisher: Loose Id

Release Date: January 2009

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5

Format: EBOOK

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Bryce Halsey is Dominant to the core.  As part owner of the Diablo Blanco Club, he basically has the submissive world and its inhabitants at the snap of his fingers.  But in the wake of a magazine article on his bachelor status and bank balance, Bryce is finding the sea of women trying to get to him tiring.  When yet another board meeting is stopped because of this female frenzy, Bryce’s father gives him an ultimatum.  Find a wife and settle into marital bliss or lose any chance of taking over the company after his retirement.  Bryce does the only thing he can think of.  He turns to his trusted assistant, Lawrence.

Mattie Lawrence has been in love with Bryce Halsey for years.  His Dominant nature calls to her hidden submissive and Mattie is thrilled to be marrying him.  The decision to agree is one that she has thought about for years but she refuses to let Bryce know that.  Telling him that she needs a week of ‘submissive’ training before agreeing to marry him, she hopes that he will finally realize that the woman he has always called by her last name just might be the woman he yearns to spend the rest of his life with. 


UNFAIR ADVANTAGE could mean any number of things.  Was it unfair to propose to Mattie? I didn’t think so.  Was it unfair for Mattie to demand Bryce’s heart? Nope. Not even a tiny bit.  UNFAIR ADVANTAGE to me is what Bryce and Mattie had to go through in order for Bryce to take over his father’s company once his father retired.  I found the storyline and plot captivating. The love scenes were scorching hot; Bryce’s innate dominance made me blush more than once.  But most of all, I found their path to love and acceptance the deal breaker on this book.  Mattie put her heart on the line, more than once, and while I knew Bryce loved her, it was nice for me to finally see Bryce admit it.  The rest was icing on the cake. 


Qwillia Rain has written a highly erotic and extremely life-like tale of two lovers finding their way to each other’s hearts.  UNFAIR ADVANTAGE will hold you spellbound and yearning for your own Bryce Halsey.  I know I was.   

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Natalie

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