Diamond Studs

Author: Ruth Kerce, Diana Hunter & Ruby Storm

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Release Date: January 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 5


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In DIAMOND ASSETS by Ruth Kerce, Ronni Strickland is the new personal assistant to the co-owner, Hunter Dunlap.  Ronni intends to become a leader in the research area and eventually run the whole division.  Ronni wants to gain respect because of her brain, not her bra size.

Hunter Dunlap is a major hunk who has deep brown eyes, is tall with a fantastic body and co-owner of Everlasting Love, a romance-related company.  Even with all of this, his wife ran off with his former female personal assistant, three years ago, on Valentine's Day.  Hunter is not a happy camper and thinks that love is for fools and Valentine's Day is for saps.


As co-owner, Hunter is going to a fantasy vacation resort over the Valentine's Day weekend. Dex, the co-owner has asked Ronni to check out this resort also, to see if Everlasting Love should invest in this resort, or not.  Then, Hunter asked Ronni to go with him to give a female perspective.  Is Dex trying to be a matchmaker?  Does Ronni go there with her boss? Do they end up loving or hating each other?  Do their fantasies become reality? 


DIAMOND ASSETS was a delightful read with very erotic scenes.  In your imagination, you can fantasize anything and sometimes it comes true. I must admit I had not read Ruth Kerce previously but will be looking forward to her next project.





In DIAMOND IN THE SNOW by Diana Hunter, Carolyn Brooks is a school teacher whose car crashes into a snow bank and she is rescued by a fellow teacher and has to spend the night at his house.


Carolyn Brooks thinks she will be driving home in a major snowstorm, but Mother Nature has other ideas.  By the time she brushes off the front windshield, and then the back, the front is covered again.  It has snowed an inch an hour and her tires spin when she tries getting out of the parking lot.  She gets a push from two male teachers and drives into the storm. Along the way she tries to avoid a magnificent buck but tags his hind leg and goes into a spin and then crashes.  Immediately her claustrophobia arises because she cannot get out of the driver's side of the car.  All she sees is white.


Paul Anderson has followed her out of the parking lot, and witnesses her crash. He opens her passenger side door and realizes her panic and calms her down by talking gently.  Paul offers to let Carolyn stay at his house for the night.  Of course, she gracefully accepts.


Paul is not the best housekeeper but Carolyn is grateful to have a place to stay. He finds dry clothes for her, she calls her dad, they have cocoa and then the house goes black. The electricity is gone but luckily Paul has a gas stove and fireplace. They try looking out the front door to see how deep the snow is, and the front door is blocked by drifts. The back door has a foot and a half of snow so Paul decides to dig them out. Carolyn checks on him and he thinks he has found his angel.


Is there such a thing as love at first sight? Or is it just lust?  Will Carolyn understand Paul's sexual desires? Or does she let Paul know that she is a submissive?


DIAMOND IN THE SNOW is about two people who find each other and release their desires.  I have read other works by Diana Hunter and enjoy her writings.





In DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH by Ruby Storm two Fairies, Larry L'amour and Rosebud Kisses, have to earn their Gold Wings by helping a couple to fall in love. Ruby has written two love stories in one and this will definitely tickle your funny bone.


Claire Holliday lives alone, is very beautiful, and is blind.  Her best pal is her dog, Buddy. Claire decides that she wants to make her garden beautiful and just because she can't see, does not mean that she can't appreciate the flowers. She heads for the greenhouse on a bus.


Brian Valentine is the owner of a wonderful greenhouse, called The Valentine Shoppe, and being that Valentine's Day is coming fast, he is extremely busy. He has seven employees but is still not happy.  Brian used to be a firefighter, had rescued a whole family from a fire, and his whole right side is now horribly disfigured.  When Brian meets Claire, he instantly gets tongue tied and falls in love.  Larry thinks it' s because of the arrow he shot at Brian.


Claire puts Brian at ease by mentioning that she is blind but wants plants with a strong aroma so she can enjoy the smell. Brian suggests roses and lavender.  When Claire and Brian near the roses, Claire recognizes them, but also mentions to Brian that she loves the smell of his cologne and wonders if there are flowers in that scent.  Claire is known for speaking before thinking but Brian appreciates it and offers to plant her garden for her.


Can a blind woman fall in love just as a sighted one?  Will a disfigured man give love a chance again?


In the meantime, Rosebud is hot after Larry. This little fairy has made up her mind and there is no stopping her.  These two fairies are adorable. I enjoyed them as much as I enjoyed reading about Claire and Brian. 


Will the two fairies earn their Gold Wings?  Is there really a love potion in the arrows?  Will Rosebud ever slow down? Will Larry think of Rosebud as more than a pain in the butt?


Ruby Storm has really outdone herself with this erotic story.  I'd love to read more about Larry and Rosebud and their adventures.  I have read almost everything that Ruby has written and this was just an additional pleasure.  If you are looking for both erotica and humor, then DIAMOND IN THE ROUGH is for you.




DIAMOND STUDS was amazing and is a recommended read. You get your erotica and your humor.  It's so relaxing to have fun during sex.  DIAMOND STUDS is definitely a keeper.  It can be enjoyed any time of the year.


By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Phyllis Ingram

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