Diamonds Take Forever

Author: Jessica Jiji

Publisher: Avon

Release Date: November 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Michelle Benamou is a modern woman with an age old problem; finding the perfect man to marry. She thought she found him with her sexy, ex-marine boyfriend Joe but when he found out what she was looking for he quickly dumped her. Joe's rejection not only left Michelle heartbroken but homeless as well, leaving Michelle no choice but to move back home with her parents.

Michelle's father is a traditional Moroccan while her mother is a European feminist who is stuck in the sixties. Normally that might seem like a strange mix but in the ethnic diverse streets of New York they seemed to fit perfectly together. When Michelle tells her mom what happened her mom tells her she needs to learn to love herself before she can find someone to love her. Michelle's aunt thinks that her family should choose her a husband, just like they do in Morocco.

Then there is Bennett Hammerman or Benny as everyone called him now that he left the Bronx and became a big time lawyer in California. Benny and Michelle have known each other since they were teenagers, until he married some rich California girl. Michelle ran into Benny when he was back in New York on an assignment and they have been talking ever since. Benny went back to California to try and mend his marriage but the word lately is that Benny is getting a divorce.

Michelle is more confused than ever with her life and the choices that she needs to make. Should she wait for Joe to change his opinion about marriage? Should she give Benny a chance even though he is still technically married? Should she just forget them both and try to find someone new? On top of all Michelle's personal problems she finds out that the radio station that she works at has been bought out. Will Michelle be forced to look for a new job, a new house, and a new man all at the same time?

DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER is unlike any other chic-lit book I have ever read. From its unique storyline to its diverse group of characters DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER is sure to bring new author Jessica Jiji into the spotlight. While Michelle's search for romance is the main stay of the story it is the things that she learns along the way that sets this story apart. I would definitely recommend DIAMONDS TAKE FOREVER and I will be waiting to see what Jessica has in store for us next.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Dina Smith

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