Diamonds are a Cowgirl's Best Friend
By Sherri Myers
Feb 16, 2005 - 1:08:00 PM

Abigail Blue is a young divorced woman who also happens to be a very independent horse trainer that has sworn off men for good. Her husband has left scars on her heart that has made Abigail insecure and distrustful of men. She has instead thrown herself into her work as a horse trainer and has made a name for herself in the horse racing business.

Percival Chase Dymond IV has just returned home after an eight-year stay in New York where he had moved after college graduation in an attempt to get away from taking over the family business. In response to his mother's desperate phone call, Chase returned home to try to prevent his horseracing-addicted father from running Dymond Enterprises into ruin. Chase brings along his girlfriend, Georgia Tiessen, a wealthy socialite from Texas, who isn't about to give him up for anything in the world.

When a drunken Chase wakes up in Abigail's stable, he is instantly attracted to the beautiful owner of Shady Blue Stables. She helps him get back to his home and hopes she is through with the high-and mighty Dymonds. However, Chase can't seem to get enough of the lovely lady and asks her to be his horse's trainer. Abigail accepts his offer but is shocked at the condition of the horse Chase brings her. They begin working together to make a racehorse out of him, and also begin falling in love as they spend time with each other. But what of his girlfriend, Georgia, who isn't about to give him up easily? Can Abigail trust Chase with her heart after having been burned so badly by her ex-husband?

Suzanne Walter's second novel will have horse-loving romance fans reaching for their wallets once again. DIAMONDS ARE A COWGIRL'S BEST FRIEND is a sweet romance about a fiercely independent woman who is afraid to bet her heart on love a second time. And then we have rich, sexy hunk Chase who is marrying for convenience instead of love. Interesting secondary characters round out the cast to make this an entertaining read. Suzanne Walter has once again written a romance with a little mystery, a little humor, and a whole lot of love. She writes about what she knows the most about--love and horses-which makes for an exciting combination.

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