By Jayne
Aug 5, 2007 - 10:14:00 PM

Wasuan and Enychi are partners through thick and thin, and after all the years of their relationship Wasuan has started taking Enychi for granted. His one addiction has given her a lifestyle that she is scared to do without. Growing up as the daughter of a woman who would do anything to get ahead, including sleep with multiple men, Enychi understands how far money will take a person. She also knows the sorrow that comes from making money off the streets, and only hopes that she can make it through before it destroys her.

Growing up the son of a hustler, Wasuan uses the only thing his father taught him to his advantage: how to play dice. When Enychi entered his life, he felt blessed to finally have a woman who could hold him down. And now his dreams are shattering before his eyes, his arrogance is his undoing. Boastful betting on a game he thought he could win leaves him with a debt he cannot pay; in order to live he must ask Enychi to give up a piece of herself.


An urban tale of love trying to survive in the worst of circumstances, DICE paints a vivid picture of love, deceit and the power of greed. We have all asked ourselves the question, how far would we go for love, and although this case is a little extreme, T.N. Baker puts it out there in an unforgettable way. This is a book that will have to be pried from your hands until you have reached the last page.

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