Dictatorship of the Dress - Much "I Do" About Nothing, Book1

Author: Jessica Topper

Publisher: Berkley Sensation

Release Date: January 6, 2015

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4


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DICTATORSHIP OF THE DRESS (MUCH "I DO" ABOUT NOTHING #1) starts off slowly to build the foundation of the story since there are so many complex characters and relationships from now and in the past. Laney and Noah are polar opposites but from the moment their paths cross there is chemistry that they both try to fight and deny with all their might. Will they succeed or won't they?

Topper's DICTATORSHIP OF THE DRESS always had Laney's mom's wedding dress at the forefront that she was taking from New York to Hawaii for her mom's nuptials. Although we don't "meet" mom until the end of the story she is front and center throughout but always from afar with many Veraisms as Laney calls them. Laney and her mother's relationship was toxic at times and more than once I thought Laney would turn her back on her. Never feeling that she got the support she should have from mom at various times in her life made her feel that she didn't get all out of life that she should have from her love interest in high school, Allen Burnside, to her choice of college to attend and career path to follow. Enter Noah who has his own problems to deal with - a high society fiancée that cares more about herself and her wedding plans than her groom to be along with a future father in law who is also his boss and holds the purse strings, per se. They connect and fireworks go off in many different ways and I could see the layers being peeled away as we got to know each of them better.  There were friends, family, reminisces and memories, vivid descriptions that made me feel that I was there in whichever city they happened to be in at the time, tears, laughter, secrets, fear, disbelief, drunkenness, enlightenment, happiness, surprise, carefreeness, romance, love and several happily ever afters. There was nice closure with most of the loose ends tied up leading into book two.

Topper is a new to me author and I look forward to reading book 2 in the MUCH "I DO" ABOUT NOTHING SERIES, COURTSHIP OF THE CAKE. There was a sneak preview in the back of the book that only whet my appetite for more! I also love the alliteration of the two titles in the series so far.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Jo

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