Did The Earth Move?
By Chrissy Dionne
Jun 1, 2005 - 10:30:00 AM

Eve is the single mother of four children-two adult boys, a nine-year-old girl, and a tenacious two-year-old little boy. She loves the life she’s made for herself and her children. She even enjoys her job as a probation officer. She has a full and busy life but still can’t stop thinking about Joseph, the father of her youngest children. Seeing him each time he came to visit with his two children has her hormones in overdrive.

Dennis had married Eve when she was nineteen years old. Dennis was supposedly a financial wizard, and they lived the good life with everything money could buy. They had two children together. When they lost everything financially Dennis abandoned his wife and children at her father’s house and moved to America leaving them without any explanation. Joseph was a college student when he met Eve. He didn’t have anything but his dreams of one day having money and being able to afford living the good life. When his dreams finally became a reality, Eve and Joseph started having fights. While they still loved each other very much, Eve wasn’t ready to change anything about her life. They had Anna together already when they initially split up, and Robbie came much later after a steamy one-night incident.

Nils is Eve’s vet for her cats. He’s a nice enough guy, no sparks though. Eve felt she needed to get over Joseph, and Nils was available and interested. Sex with Nils was just that-sex, without all the emotional attachment.

Eve’s twenty year old son Tom had gotten his girlfriend, Deepa, pregnant. They had decided to get married, and Tom wanted to invite his father, Dennis to the wedding. Eve understands her son’s need to have his biological father there for his wedding. That doesn’t mean she needs to be happy about it. The lowlife abandoned her after all, but for the sake of her son’s happiness she’d tolerate Dennis’s presence. Eve’s separation from Joseph was painful. Their nine-year-old daughter, Anna was doing everything in her power to get them back together. She just knew they belonged together. Eve knows she’s still in love with Joseph, but he’s got a new girlfriend and lives in another city now, so she decides she needs a distraction. She needs somebody to make her forget about Joseph. Nils is emotionally safe. She’s not in love with him, and it’s just sex between friends. She can’t help wondering if there was something better out there than having sex with the vet.

DID THE EARTH MOVE? is a surprisingly entrancing book. I was at first a little overwhelmed with the many very European terms but the more I read, the more involved I felt with the characters. This book is full of wonderful characters, a few that you just love to hate, and some that you just can’t help but be amused with. I loved Eve’s vibrancy for everything around her. She’s just one of those women that lives life to the fullest and refuses to let anything keep her down for long. When her father became ill, she realized that life is short and sometimes you just have to take that one chance at love. Now if she can just get through her son’s wedding without bludgeoning the ex-husband, she’ll have it made.



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