Die Slowly For Me
By jhayboy
Sep 1, 2008 - 8:07:40 AM

Nikki Jones has the rare opportunity to be the first and only woman in the Special Forces team. She has done and will do anything to keep her position on the team. However she has a secret, and that secret has come home, before she’s even realised it.

With a high pressured job, a code of silence regarding what and who they can say things to, plus a no fraternisation rule, can Marshall and Nikki find a way to create their own Special Forces?


If you want a read with fast pace, twists and turns that keep you at the edge of your seat, DIE SLOWLY FOR ME is a must. The plot is a pleasure to follow, with the issues of women in a male dominated job, parental abuse and the foster care system all being dealt with beautifully by Ms. Gray.


There are some very hilarious moments in this book and you can only have a healthy respect for Nikki’s inventiveness in standing up for herself. You will most certainly enjoy the teams’ reaction to her and the lengths they go through to stay out of her way.


T.L. Gray has produced an absolutely stunning read.

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