Her Russian Protector, Book 2 - Dimitri
By Dottie
May 16, 2013 - 1:54:54 PM

Benita ‘Benny’ Burkhart’s bakery, which has survived the last three generations in her family, is barely making it. To make matters worse, her younger brother, Johnny, is hanging out with a vicious gang known as the Hermanos and his body bears the gang tattoo. Dimitri, the Russian who has lived in the apartment over the bakery for several years, tries to help her with Johnny. She is in love with Dimitri, but knows he will never think of her that way, having seen some of the beauties he has dated.

Dimitri Stepanov owns a security business and provides bouncers for the various businesses in town. His friendship with Benny turned into fascination over a year ago, but he has kept his love for her to himself, fearing the loss of their friendship. However, when he discovers her crying after her brother has confronted her and stolen from the bakery’s night deposit, he invites her to his apartment for dinner. After a few drinks and unintended confidences, things turn heated.

Although Benny is filled with joy over the night with Dimitri, she wonders if he will soon drop her. But the next morning, while she is working in her bakery, a thug named Carlos comes to threaten her into selling the bakery to his boss, Jonah Krause, an unscrupulous real estate developer, who has been buying up all of the local businesses on the block to open a shopping mall. Carlos also lets her know that her brother has already started proceedings to sell Jonah his part of the bakery. The last thing she wants to do is to give in and sell the bakery that has been in the family for over forty years, but she has no idea what to do about her brother. His only concern seems to be for money and the gang. As the Hermanos seem to have more and more influence over Johnny, he turns progressively more violent. When the violence strikes close to home, will Dimitri be able to keep Benny safe, or will he lose the woman he loves?

A sizzling hot read, DIMITRI, the second book in author Roxie Rivera’s HER RUSSIAN PROTECTOR series, is an exciting, fast-paced erotic contemporary romance that is so hot you can practically see the steam rising from the pages. As Dimitri and Benny’s relationship grows, she learns more about her sexual preferences and the chemistry between them is off-the-charts. Filled with suspense, danger, graphic, scorching hot eroticism, bondage, interesting, well-drawn characters, gang violence, tattoos, romance and love, this story will keep you riveted to the pages. Ms. Rivera has the wonderful ability to draw readers into her stories, infusing them with life. I enjoyed this story immensely and the opportunity to revisit the characters from the first book of this series, IVAN. Although DIMITRI can be read as a standalone, I advise also reading IVAN for additional insight into the series and further enjoyment. Now I eagerly await the chance to read the next story in this delightful series, YURI, which will be released May 17, 2013.  I recommend the story DIMITRI to anyone who enjoys romantic suspense stories with plenty of graphic eroticism and action.

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