By Christina
May 1, 2008 - 11:20:38 AM

Jack Christensen loves his job as the U.S. ambassador to Belgium. He has worked hard to achieve his position. Equally important to his success is his wife. Maria is the perfect diplomat’s wife and Jack knows he never would have gotten where he is without her. He has never regretted marrying her even though it meant burying his needs and desires. Until he sees a beautiful young man who arouses such deep feelings in him that he can no longer deny the truth.



Lucas Carlton found it very difficult to climb the ranks of the diplomatic core until he got engaged to a beautiful young woman. Being with Lucy makes him safe and acceptable. He has always known he is gay but is he prepared to risk his career when he meets the new U.S. ambassador?


Because Britain and the United States are strong allies it is impossible for Lucas and Jack to avoid one another. In fact they often work in close proximity. The women in their lives have also become friends. Both men know that having an affair could not only hurt them personally but quite possibly ruin their careers. However, they feel a passion that can’t be denied.


DIPLOMACY by Zahra Owens is an intensely romantic and erotic story that is also thought provoking and very realistic. This is a combination that I can’t resist. The descriptions of the internal workings of international politics and the ways that the author interweaves recent political history into the story are fascinating. Jack and Lucas are equally intriguing. Ms. Owens does a wonderful job of making her characters come alive. I highly recommend this novel.

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