Dipped In Chocolate
By Contessa
Feb 5, 2007 - 5:51:00 PM


Alexis Payton and Jackson Lyle have been the best of friends their entire lives.  Growing up, Lexi and Jackson have always been there for each other, so it came as no surprise that Lexi would ask Jackson to be her man of honor in her upcoming wedding to another man.  With Lexi’s wedding fast approaching, Jackson has come to realize that the once sisterly feelings he felt towards Lexi, have developed into the exceptional love that a man feels for a woman.  Before it is too late, will Jackson be able to convince Lexi that the sweet special candy kisses they have share throughout the years mean so much more?


GIMME SOME SUGAR is a romantic story about two people who have been in love with each other for a long time but never wanted to admit it to themselves nor to each other.  And, because of their denial, Lexi finds herself engaged to be married to a man who she is not love with.  While, Jackson, on the other hand feels like he is about to lose the one precious thing that he values the most - Lexi.  The sweet candy kisses that are shared between Lexi and Jackson go from hot to scorching in a flash and remain in a constant burning flame until the end.  Readers, you will definitely be fanning your heated faces throughout this sugary novella.



Toni Ray vowed to get even with her soon-to-be ex girlfriends for convincing her into attending a speed-dating event to find a man.  Bored out of her mind after listening to very dull men, Toni silently coaches herself to remain calm so she can make it through the final three minutes of her speed-dating fiasco.  And, then Toni is in for the shock of her life because she instantly finds herself attracted to the handsome Isaac Brett.  Toni’s last speed date experience with Isaac was overflowing with heated stares and great amusement.  Then, at the end of their date, Isaac placed a yellow Sweetheart candy with the words Pick Me in Toni’s hand.  Will Toni accept Isaac’s gift as a positive gesture to begin a relationship?


The relationship between Toni and Isaac in 4 U SWEETHEART starts out as a fun-loving fling that quickly turns into something much more.  I found it was very unique and romantic on how Isaac always managed to express himself by leaving Toni Sweetheart candy messages.  This little hot number will have you going up in melting, hot flames.  Little does Isaac know that heart shape messages have a very special meaning to Toni.  There was never a dull moment within this novel.  The plot flowed at a rapid, smooth pace and the sexual encounters simply have steam coming off the pages.



Nathan Ray is in dire need of some succulent sweet treats for his sister’s upcoming bridal shower which is just days away.  He was told the best chocolate shop in town was owned by Jayla Brooks, so Nathan makes a late evening visit to the shop hoping Jayla will be able to help him.  Upon entry, Nathan never expected to find the body of a luscious woman who he wanted to instantly dip into chocolate just as she was doing with those berries in her hands.  Will Nathan be able to achieve both of his goals?


The third story in this anthology was just fantastic.  DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE is a sweet, sinful, sexy story that I am sure will leave readers breathless with great desire.  The sparks flew from the first moment that Nathan and Jayla met and continued to flash hotly until the very end.  In additional to the mega-hot, sexual encounters that will leave you blushing, this story will tug at your heart as Nathan tries to convince Jayla that they are perfect for each other – so keep a few tissues handy because you will need them. I took great pleasure in reading Nathan and Jayla’s story.


Overall, I founded DIPPED IN CHOCOLATE to be a highly erotic anthology crafted by one fantastic writer – Renee Luke.  This book will blow readers away from the very first story.  Each tale explores very naughty sexual interactions with the sweetness of candy to add to the excitement.  This is definitely one book that you do not want to miss.

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