Dirty--a Dive Bar Novel

Author: Kylie Scott

Publisher: St. Martin's Press

Release Date: April 19, 2016

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: Paperback

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A musician-turned-bartender. A runaway Bride. A gay cheating groom. Lydia is the last one to find out his dirty secret. Stranded in a small town, she must make the best out of a horrible situation. What else can go wrong?

Vaughan Haweson is almost the perfect man. Well, in my mind he is. The man is funny and charming. If only he could get over his commitment issues. When he finds a runaway bride in his childhood home, his world turns upside down. He comforts the broken-hearted beauty and weathers through all the drama and chaos that surrounds her.

Even though Lydia Green has lost her picture-perfect future, she still keeps her head held high--as much as one can when she finds out her future husband is a cheating pig. With nowhere else to run, she finds herself in the muscular arms of Vaughan. The handsome stranger offers her a place to stay and a sholder to cry on. He's rough around the edges, dealing with his own drama. Lydia's lack of a sexlife has her yearning for something more with Vaughan. Nothing can go wrong having a friend with benefits? Right?

Kylie Scott has rocked my world. She had me giggling like a school girl. DIRTY is filled with everything you could ask for in a romance: drama, sex, humor, and a love story that you least expect. She had me laughing ten minutes into the book and jumping for joy at the end. I was lost in the world Scott created, and I didn't surface until I finished the whole story.

Thank you, Ms. Scott, for this amazing story and all the hard work you put into this book.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Zara Lethallan

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