Dirty Deeds #1: Dirty Deeds
By Ann
Jan 25, 2014 - 4:26:02 PM


Cillian is a special agent working for Special Branch 20, Black Ops for England trying to find John Morse, a rogue American SEAL turned terrorist.  A lone operative, his only thrill is his flirtation with Prophet but it’s more than that.  Prophet was John’s former lover and teammate who in an ironic twist asks Cillian to try and find out if John is still alive.  But unbeknownst to Cillian, Prophet wants John alive for his own reasons of revenge.  He sends his former teammate, Mal, to track Cillian’s every move and find John first.  As Mal sets the groundwork for his setup, the men begin an uneasy friendship that seems to become much more.  Yet a devastating secret comes out that could destroy their budding relationship before it even has a chance.  Can they ever make it back or will the secrets and lies be too much for them to bear?

DIRTY DEEDS is set in the EXTREME EXCAPES, LTD world and features Mal and Cillian, secondary characters from the HELL AND HIGH WATERS series.  Cillian was the scrumptious British agent who always played internet and phone sex with Prophet.  When he parlayed it to Mal, it was funny but also had a twinge of his past interlaced. For his part, Mal, thought this was just another mission.  He never expected Cillian to be such a challenge, both physically and mentally.  They have survived a harsh past to become deadly operatives so what started out as a game seemed to take a life of its own. Even though this is just the first book, the cliffhanger left me devastated.  I don’t even know how these two can make it back once they peel back the layers and see each other again.  How Ms. Jakes can do this to her readers and make us wait months until the next book? Good job!

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