Dirty Deeds
By Connie Spears
Dec 11, 2006 - 2:07:00 PM


Tate Cross was visiting her friend, Val, they got to talking about old times, various things from orgasms to men. Val was trying to spice up the conversation by telling Tate about how potent Rich is. Tate replied to her saying pregnancy agrees with her. Sex seemed to be the constant topic, when you aren’t getting any at the moment. Tate voiced her opinion that she would have to rely on other means to get the job done. Val laughed. They switch the talk to relationships. Tate grimaced. The doorbell rang. Tate is being served some legal documents.

Several days later Val shows up at Tate's home to return the documents that Rich had looked over.  Tate's world just got pulled out from under her.  Val was dying to know what was going on.  Tate proceeded to tell Val that she is to conform to the the rules of the City Beautification Committee. Otherwise, she will have to pay some stiff fines.  Then Val said she may have a solution to her problems for the beautification.  Val continues to tell Tate about her brother, Nathan.  Nathan is a landscaping artist and he's not bad on the eyes either.  Val suggested that Tate can trade her services of being a graphic artist with her brother.  Tate thinks that maybe some sexual favors could be thrown in.

Nathan LeBeau couldn't believe his ears of what his sister suggesting.  He thought Val was off her rocker and he wasn't about to get suckered into her scheme of things.

DIRTY DEEDS by Lorelei James is about romance, developing a relationship, special moments, learning about your partner and Love.  These are the gifts to give to that special someone in our life.  Ms. James explores the insecurities of her characters, Nathan and Tate.  In the process they both discover that they want the same thing--that is to be loved for who they are.  This is a keeper for the shelf.  Highly Recommended.

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