Dirty Little Lies
By Patti Fleishman
Apr 6, 2004 - 8:46:00 AM

Did you ever wonder why your mom made you eat all of your veggies? She wouldn't dare allow you to leave the table until every last morsel was safely inside your stomach.  Well, mom had her reasons and
Connie Lane seems to have listened quite well. After reading this delightful novel, I have no doubt that you'll see those veggies in a whole new light.

Klaber Falls , Kansas is known for two things: it's the home of the consistently bad haircut by its resident barber, Gib Allen, and the most beautiful girl who ever lived next door, Lacie Joe Baxter, Miss Kansas Summer Squash.  Not only does Lacie Joe have the perfect smile, but her baton twirling skills are some of the most impressive around.  Just how impressive you ask?  Well, let me tell you. 


When she's kidnapped and stuffed into the trunk of a car after a personal appearance at Mercer's Drug Store, that grand twirling of hers is what gets her out of this terrible dilemma. She's able to take her captor by surprise and manages to catch him off guard while landing some mighty swings along the way.  Who would have ever thought a baton could be so handy.


Having had a setback in his career, due to a bit of rough play with a Senator's son, Ben Camaglia, former Washington , D.C. FBI agent has been reprimanded rather roughly himself.  He's sent to Kansas to chill out and to lay low until that whole Senator's son incident settles down.  As far as Ben is concerned, this is the worst thing that could ever happen to him.  He'll just bide his time and wait for the 'big one' to fall into his lap, so he can show them just how wrong they were to send him away.  Yes, good things do come to those who wait, even if impatiently.  Welcome to Kansas , Agent Camaglia, I'd like you to meet Miss Lacie Joe Baxter, former kidnap victim.


In the midst of trying to find the person responsible for the most talked about event to ever have happened in Klaber Falls , you'll meet Lacie Joe's sister and her boyfriend, two of the top suspects.  Their suspicious behavior and dislike of sweet Lacie Joe, are only some of the reasons they have been singled out. 


Lacie Joe's mom, Krissie, a former beauty queen herself, has made it her priority in life to make Lacie Joe the best.  She wants her to win the Miss National Summer Squash competition, something she couldn't do when she became pregnant with Lacie Joe. 


What do an FBI agent and one of the most beautiful women to ever grace a billboard have in common?  Well, that's for me to know and you to find out.  You'll not be disappointed.


DIRTY LITTLE LIES has all of the ingredients of a great novel.  It has suspense, intrigue, many humorous moments, and a compelling storyline.  Connie Lane knows how to make people laugh, while at the same time causing them goose bumps in anticipation of what is to happen next.  From beginning to end, this is a novel well worth reading.  Well done, Ms. Lane .


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