Discovering Normal
By Ann
May 1, 2005 - 8:52:00 PM

Chris and Beth Stoddard are at a crossroads in their marriage. After twelve years and two children, Beth feels like Chris no longer cares about her. He seems to be going through the motions. She needs a break from him, so she takes the kids and moves to her parent's house. A few days later, she receives a call that Chris has committed suicide. Did she drive him to the edge or is there a more sinister plan at work?

Chris has loved his wife ever since they worked with the FBI. After rescuing her from a cult that she infiltrated, Chris and Beth married and left the agency to raise a family. However, time and reality is breaking them apart. During a "break", Chris is kidnapped by what looks like the same cult that held his wife so many years ago. Will anyone rescue him or will everyone, including his family, think he is dead and move on with their lives?
DISCOVERING NORMAL is a contemporary suspense about a couple struggling to decide whether to stay together or divorce. Amidst all the turmoil, Chris is kidnapped and his disappearance is made to look like a suicide. Using her instincts and former training, Beth must find out the truth before it's too late. It took her husband's supposed death for Beth to see that no one is perfect, especially her husband. She should have tried harder to talk to Chris or been more open with her feelings instead of packing it in and leaving. I think she finally realized that her marriage is a two way street and not one sided.
Chris is just trying to survive. He is shocked when Beth decides to leave. He thought he had the perfect life with a wife he adored and two beautiful kids. He isn't much of a talker and can be stubborn but I think he feels insecure because of Beth's upper-class background. He loves Beth but wonders if they can find their way back to each other after all of the turmoil and emotional upheaval. It isn't until he is kidnapped that he sees what life could be like.
DISCOVERING NORMAL is more than a suspenseful novel. It is a story about two people who are trying to find their way back to each other. Neither one is perfect but I feel that they are perfect for one another. I enjoyed reading Cynthia Henry's book and look forward to her future works.

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