Disguised Enchantment

Author: S. Quinn Mc Afee

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Release Date: 2004

Blue Ribbon Rating: 3.5

Format: EBOOK

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Shannon McAllister is new to
L.A. She leads a lonely existence much to the chagrin of her annoyingly nosy co-worker Donna. Working at the mall as a decorative artist in a needle shop leaves much to be desired in her career of choice. In short, finding the perfect job is her priority and not her personal life. Then why is she standing in the lobby of a supposed dating agency awaiting the arrival of the mysterious Marquis? Shannon doesn't know, and it's not long before she is given the shock of her life. Donna has played a cruel joke on Shannon and now she is at the mercy of a gorgeous hunk of meat dressed in chains, leather and accessorized with whips. Shannon flees for her very soul but not before the Marauding Marquis leaves his brand upon her very soul.

The Marquis of Chateau L'Kost has tasted heaven in the petite beauty's arms and longs for more of her innocent sweetness. But Shannon has escaped his clutches and now finding her is a quest that he is more than ready to partake of. As he steals his way into her home and life, he longs to be the one to give her the first tastes of passion found only in his arms. He spends his time in the Chateau being the erotic object of every woman's fantasy. It is a job he loves, but loving Shannon is now a must also.


It is within the amorous Marquis' arms that Shannon is turned into a highly passionate woman. She realizes that he has quickly insinuated himself into her heart and longs to be the only woman to tempt his desires. But the delicious marquis is a man that many women want and Shannon finds herself vying for his affections. Hurt by his apparent rejections in the face of his host and her bawdy guests Shannon flies into the arms of Ben Tate; a soap opera actor she met while at work.


Despite Ben's attempts at stealing Shannon' s heart, thoughts of the sexy Marquis continue to invade her mind and overwhelm her senses. Yet, there is something about Ben that has her continuously comparing him to the Sinful Marquis. Something she just can't lay her fingers on even while getting lost in their heated blue gazes..


Shannon wants more then the seductive Marquis is willing to give. She wants his heart all to herself but can she get him to give up his role as a male pleasure giver? The sensuous marquis has some choices to make but can he make them in time before he loses Shannon' s heart forever? 


S. Quinn McAfee gives us a lusty tale filled with hot male gigolos who know how to get a party started. The Marquis totally dominates Shannon , inviting her into his world where flesh holds the key to all attainable pleasures. I recommend DISGUISED ENCHANTMENT if you're looking for a quick yet wholly satisfying foray into the taboo world of men who get paid to fulfill your every fantasy and desire. DISGUISED ENCHANTMENT is no pretender!

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Lady Novelistic

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