Dishing It Out

Author: Molly O'Keefe

Publisher: Harlequin Flipside

Release Date: April 2005

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Marie Simmons has a biweekly television show on cooking that is doing very well. Not just for the show, but it has increased business at her restaurant-Marie's Bistro. The show is doing so well, that the network
has decided to increase her show...with a catch.

Giovanni "Van" MacAllister owned the rival restaurant across the street from Marie. In fact, he bought the building out from under her-a fact that still bothered her to this day-especially since he seemed to be doing a booming business now.

When Marie's producer dropped the bombshell that they wanted Marie to do a weekly show, she is elated. Until they tell her that she will have a co-host, and that her new partner would be Van! She doesn't want to do it.  How could they do that to her?

Deciding that, for the best of her career, she would do the show after all, she makes up a list of conditions. Can Van live up to them? Does he even want to try to live up to the expectation of the stunning woman he is finding hard to resist? An attraction that seemed to be working bothways-if Marie would just quit denying that work and love can merge harmoniously.

DISHING IT OUT was a hilarious and highly entertaining story that kept my attention from the start. Both characters were endearing and had plenty of life to them. It was fun, and interesting, to see how they overcame the obstacles they had set themselves up for. I wasn't disappointed in the way they settled their differences, on the contrary, I was highly delighted! Ms. O'Keefe has a wonderfully charming voice that is full of humor. I loved the way she had her characters grow and expand on themselves throughout the story, not to mention that sparks of sexual tension that were blazing away. She is an author worth watching for more wonderful stories to come.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Teresa Henson

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