Divine Assistant
By Lacey
Sep 1, 2007 - 8:39:03 PM

In accepting the job to be Patrick Holden’s personal assistant, Lucy Divine didn’t expect her new employer to be an arrogant jerk. Nor did she expect to have such a keen attraction to him upon their first face-to-face meeting. She took the job with hopes of advancing up the corporate ladder, only to find herself doing miniscule errands for Mr. Enjoyable, and hated that she actually wanted to please him—in every way possible.

Patrick Holden knows the temptation of pretty Lucy is a distraction he can live without. Most of his assistants didn’t last long under his demands, but the sexy, blonde bombshell, who happens to be the newest addition to his staff, is determined to stay.


With Lucy’s intelligence, determination and resourceful skills, Holden soon finds getting rid of her is a stupid notion. But keeping her around is wrecking havoc on his libido. Will Holden be able to keep things professional? Or is a sexy assistant too much of a divine temptation?


Ms. Garnier has done it again. Her character’s jump off the pages with a life of their own, making this read sexy just as much as it is enjoyable. Lucy is a strong woman, unwilling to let her boss get the best of her, while Holden is charming, even through his arrogance.   DIVINE ASSISTANT is breathtakingly passionate and will have you glued to its pages from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book.

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