Divine Attraction
By Chrissy Dionne
Feb 17, 2007 - 5:02:00 PM

Single mother and bartender, Dominique Gabor has been presented with the opportunity to make more money by switching to the evening shift at Party Paradise. She desperately needs a nighttime babysitter for her five-year-old son Kalvin. Despite the fact that she’s had an ad in the paper for almost two weeks only three women have applied - none of them are right for the job. Dominique either has to hire one of the applicants or turn down the promotion. Neither prospect thrills her. Seconds before placing the phone call to hire the best choice of the three she receives a third option - Joshua Divine.

At almost thirty years of age Joshua Divine is a college student who’s studying child psychology. His instructor suggested that he spend one-on-one time with children who aren’t related to him. The opportunity to spend time with a child and the hours quoted in the ad would be perfect for him. The only downside to the job would be his girlfriend’s reaction. They won’t be spending much time together, but she’d understand - hopefully.

Dominique’s finding it very hard to believe that a man actually has an interest in babysitting for her. That’s a job for teenagers and older women, isn’t it? She’s agreed to meet with him out of a sense of fairness but she’s positive that he’ll be all wrong. When he arrives for his interview, Kalvin likes him right away, and Dominique’s practically salivating over him. Joshua’s disapproval of her job almost costs him any chance of being hired, but Kalvin’s pleading look convinces her to give Joshua a chance. Despite her own misgivings, Dominique hires Joshua on a trial basis. Now she just needs to tamp down her own desire to spend some quality one-on-one time with the babysitter. What will happen when she discovers that Joshua is having the same sort of feelings about her?

Tonya Romagos’s DIVINE ATTRACTION is a fun-filled emotional read with characters that readers will love. Dominique is a strong intelligent woman who’s doing her best to raise her son on her own with no family support. Tending bar may not be her dream job but she isn’t about to allow anyone to make her squirm over the profession that’s provided for her and her son. Joshua is a mystery at first. His life appears to have many contradictions that intrigued me until certain aspects of his life are revealed. He’s a great guy and I could only wish there were more men like him to go around. Kalvin is a wonderful little boy who desperately wants a father figure in his life and he’s selected Joshua to provide that role. DIVINE ATTRACTION is a thrilling story that may entice readers to think before jumping to conclusions about the people in our lives.

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