Divine Destiny
By Chrissy Dionne
Dec 6, 2006 - 12:09:00 PM

According to the Divine Prophecy, Divine will triumph over her evil brother, Cultide, and harmony will once again rein amongst those who believe in her teachings. One woman-child will be sent to earth with the power to put an end to Cultide’s troublemaking and restore the peaceful balance that once existed. Kara is the chosen one.

Kara was only ten-years-old when her village was raided. Everything and everyone within was destroyed except for her. It was in the midst of this disaster that Kara met Darwu, the Crown Prince of Ourlane. He tried to make her come with him. All Kara cared about was finding someone to help her parents and she struggled against him. Her Uncle Rafe saves her from being forced to go with the boy who claimed that it was her fate to be his princess and future Queen. Kara went with her uncle and became a leader and freedom fighter in the Resistance.

Darwu had been just fifteen years old when he’d tried to save Kara from the fate that had befallen her village. For ten long years Darwu had believed his Divine mate to have died at the hands of the Resistance rebels. He’s made it his mission to destroy those who defy the Monarchy and especially the uncle who destroyed any hope of happiness for him when he snatched away Darwu’s sacred mate. He’s become known as the Warrior Prince, a man whose heart has turned to stone - doomed to live without a mate.

Kara takes great pleasure in having been able to evade Darwu and his army for so many years. There’s never any shortage of people willing to help their cause. Because of the high taxes paid to the Monarchy children are starving and families are living in little more than hovels. The living conditions are something that Kara wishes she could do more to fix. After five long years of fighting on opposing sides, Kara and Darwu are about to come face to face again and each may just discover that there is more to their stories than they ever realized.

Gwyneth Bolton has written a thrilling kick-butt story with DIVINE DESTINY. Kara is exactly the kind of heroine we all love. She’s not about to back down to any man and will do whatever she has to for the cause that she believes is right. Darwu’s attitude is exactly what I would expect from a male - dominant and ‘always right.’ Reading about their battle of wills is a delight to the senses. There’s so much going on throughout this storyline that readers will anxiously devouring the pages to find out where the true threat is coming from and if Darwu and Kara ever learn to agree on anything.

Ms. Bolton just keeps getting better with every book she writes. This is her third published novel an it’s vastly different from her other works. The characters still display the wonderful headstrong personalities I loved so much in her other stories but you get an exciting paranormal element along with a bit of suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat as I read. This is definitely a book I’ll be adding to my keeper shelf.

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