Dixieland Sushi
By Kimberly Leslie
Jun 22, 2005 - 4:27:00 AM

Her best friend, armed with a letter from Jen and a best friend bracelet, marched right over to Kevin while Jen watched from a safe distance. Jen watched all right. She watched her best friend claim the letter and bracelet as her own, and she snatched Kevin right out from under Jen's fingers.

Once Jen graduated, she headed to college and then she landed a decent job working for a television studio, producing, and far away from Dixieland, Texas, where she grew up. Her career was her main focus, which didn't leave hardly any time to visit family or work on her social life for that matter.

But all of that was about to change, whether Jen was ready for it or not.

Her cousin Lucy was getting married to none other than, Kevin Peterson. And if Jen wasn't part of the wedding party, she'd probably find a good excuse not to attend. But she couldn't let her family down, or live through all the guilt-trips she'd certainly have coming if she refused to be a part of the wedding... what's a girl to do? Find an instant boyfriend for the weekend, that's what!

After begging and pleading with all her friends who owed her favors, and who were really committed during the weekend of the wedding, she had no choice but to take Riley, her co-worker with her. She was short on time and after Lucy threw a fit about the seating arrangements if only Jen was showing up solo and marked her card for two, she'd better show up with a date. So, Riley it was.

Jen refused to take a plane so that meant, road trip. But could Jen keep her feelings for Riley hidden during the alone and very personal time while driving to Dixieland? And then there was this secret she was keeping from Riley about his girlfriend. As a close friend, she should tell him, but on the same note, she felt it was none of her business. Especially when she found out that they were now on a break.

A broken-down car, a high mechanic, a side-stop to GraceLand, and one too many drinks later, Jen was loose-tongued and her and Riley share one heated night of passion.

The hangover from hell and topping that off, she remembers the second she woke up, that she told Riley she loved him. And they still had to make it to the wedding!

They do, and her family loves Riley instantly and he never missed a beat over being her long-time boyfriend, which makes Jen happy, but scares her to death at the same time.

Would Riley act like nothing happened when they got back to work, or would he follow through with what was happening between them and see where it all ends up?

And what about his competition: Kevin Peterson? At the rehearsal diner Jen takes a call from the station and goes outside to calm one of the crew down, and Kevin follows her. He proclaims his love for her and kisses her, just as Riley walks out, catching the kiss in action.

DIXIELAND SUSHI is a laugh-out loud story, and one that you'll find hard to put down until you're finished reading it. The characters are charming and ones you really can relate to as if you know them. I highly recommend you pick up your copy today! This is the first book of Cara Lockwood that I've read, but it won't be the last!

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