Djinn Delight
By Angel
Jul 10, 2006 - 7:02:00 PM

Mayri needs a miracle to save her store; she just never thinks it will come in the form of a genie.  Every miracle has its price and what Sebastian wants is more than she may be willing to give.  She can have whatever she wants, but in return she must be his sex slave for five nights and help him find his perfect mate.  Is Mayri willing to put her morals aside to save her shop?

Sebastian is a Djinn and wants only to find the woman that can complete him.  When he meets Mayri, he is willing to help her save her business if she will be his sexual companion for five nights and help him find the woman he seeks.  He never thinks he will become so involved with her, but soon finds himself at odds about his feelings.  How can he be falling in love with Mayri when she isn’t his mate?


If an exciting tale is what you are looking for then you will certainly want to pick this book up.  Mayri is insecure about her looks and can’t believe that someone like Sebastian would want her.  Sebastian doesn’t see anything wrong with Mayri, but won’t stop until he finds the perfect one.  His emotions for Mayri keep him in an upheaval and he can’t understand why he feels so strongly for her.  The sensuality between them is hot and totally intense and the reader can see long before the characters that they belong together.  A tantalizing tale of passion and sensual exploration, DJINN DELIGHT is sure to be a keeper.

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