Do You Take This Cop?

Author: Beth Andrews

Publisher: Harlequin

Release Date: May 2010

Blue Ribbon Rating: 4

Format: PRINT

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Faith Lewis wants two things in life: for her nine-year-old son, Austin, to be happy and safe, and for the two of them to finally have a chance to make a life in Kingsville, Maine. This is much easier said than done however. Faith has been on the run from her husband for a long time. She knows if she is discovered, he will hurt their son again and she will not allow that to happen. Her past has cost Austin enough already. She just wants a normal life and intends to keep a low profile in town.

Cop Nick Coletti knows there is something a little bit off about Faith and her story. His cop instincts are on edge and nothing about her quite adds up. That does not stop him from being attracted to her though, even when it seems like she will never return that attraction. But not even Faith can resist Nick's affable charm, his positive interactions with her son, and the way he makes her feel alive again. Will her attraction to Nick become her downfall once again?

DO YOU TAKE THIS COP? is a heartwrenching story. Faith has relied on herself for so long that she cannot see or understand Nick's good intentions at first. He is truly a good man and just wants to help Faith and Austin. Their attraction starts off rocky and is slow to build. However, Beth Andrews does a good job of slowly and steadily building scenes of trust and respect between Nick and Faith, plus between Nick and Austin. This book definitely called for a prolonged sense of trust because Faith did not have any positive examples of trusting men or women.

Nick is not perfect of course, so do not let me fool you. He is impatient, often does not understand Faith, and hates the lies she feeds him. But he is a rock for her when the going gets tough.

DO YOU TAKE THIS COP? is a turbulent love story with some tough relationship obstacles to overcome. But I truly felt by the book's end that these two were on the right track toward a positive and loving happily-ever-after.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Sarah W

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